Newt Gingrich Endorses Job Creators Network’s Healthcare Proposal

newt gingrich
AP/Alex Brandon

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich endorsed the Job Creators Network Foundation’s healthcare framework Friday, charging that the plan is a “smart, comprehensive effort” to fix what’s wrong with America’s current healthcare system.

Gingrich backed the Job Creators Network Foundation’s “Healthcare For You” framework, contending that the plan would both fix America’s healthcare woes and stop the Democrats’ single-payer Medicare for All proposals.

Former Speaker Gingrich said:

‘Healthcare for You’ is a smart, comprehensive effort to fix what’s wrong with the current system, stop ‘Medicare for All’ in its tracks, and begin building the kind of modern, personalized healthcare system the American people want and deserve. Their framework will protect your choice of doctor, lower health care prices, and provide more affordable options for insurance. And importantly, it will give people with pre-existing conditions access to the highest quality of care that most Obamacare plans remove from their narrow networks.

The Job Creators Network Foundation’s Healthcare For You proposal would lower healthcare costs and give Americans more individual control over their healthcare choices.

The plan would create Personal Health Management Accounts, which would allow patients to purchase insurance plans that will enable individuals to buy plans that fulfill their needs. The Personal Health Management Accounts would make employees’ health insurance plans portable so that workers do not have to worry about losing their health insurance when they switch jobs.

The plan would also expand Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to allow Americans to use their HSA to pay for health insurance premiums.

The Healthcare For You plan would also eliminate rules that restrict the use of direct medical care. Larry Van Horn, a Vanderbilt economist, found that cash healthcare prices are 40 percent lower than insurers’ negotiated rates.

The Job Creators Network Foundation’s healthcare plan would also eliminate federal regulations that mandate what individuals can include in their health insurance plan and allow states to expand and regulate their private insurance markets to offer more affordable choices. The plan would also protect patients with preexisting conditions.

Job Creators Network President Alfredo Ortiz said in a statement Friday:

Speaker Gingrich is a recognized leader in the healthcare reform space, working tirelessly for decades to enact bipartisan, patient-centered reforms to America’s healthcare system.  I am excited that Speaker Gingrich is coming out in support of ‘Healthcare for You.’  Our framework restores, repairs, and improves the doctor-patient relationship; gets lobbyists, DC bureaucrats and politicians out of healthcare decisions; and increases choice to lower prices. Unlike Obamacare, which was a top-down approach, we’ve done the opposite, drawing on the input of more than 25,000 Americans.

“The result is a seven-point framework that is supported by the American people,” Ortiz said. “Now, with Speaker Gingrich’s support, momentum continues to build for the type of patient-centered solutions we have proposed.”


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