Angry Leftists Attempt to ‘Cancel’ Elise Stefanik: #ByeByeElise

US Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) speaks as former US Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testifies before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence as part of the impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill on November 15, 2019 in Washington DC. - Public impeachment hearings resume …
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

Angry leftists are attempting to “cancel” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), the “new Republican star” who emerged as a major GOP player in the public impeachment hearings.

The New York lawmaker, who has branded herself as “proudly the opposite of AOC,” proved to be a significant GOP player in the public impeachment hearings, challenging House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) methods and accusations and dismantling her Democrat colleagues’ “crumbling” case, hearing by hearing. Her efforts triggered a number of pro-impeachment Democrats and Never Trumpers, like George Conway. He called Stefanik “lying trash” and shared a photoshopped image depicting the lawmaker holding up her middle finger at one of the hearings.

Despite that, Stefanik has successfully used her battle against Schiff to raise money for her own congressional campaign, announcing on Friday that they raised over $500,000 in less than two hours by urging supporters to contribute at

Her opponent, Tedra Cobb, signaled concern:

Many pro-impeachment Democrats seemingly view Stefanik as an existing threat as well, given their newfound devotion to cancel her out. Many are expressing their sentiments on Twitter, using the hashtag #ByeByeElise, which was trending on Friday.

“.@NRAdarling and Donald Trump sycophant Elise Stefanik knows her seat in Congress is in jeopardy. No matter where you live, donate to her opponent @TedraCobb,” anti-gun advocate Shannon Watts wrote in response to Stefanik announcing the money she raised:

“So what you’re telling me is that if I say #byebyeElise I can piss off @Jim_Jordan and @RepStefanik in just one tweet? Where do I sign up for such an amazing deal,” Elie Mystal, a contributor for The Nation, wrote:

“It’s not just Stefanik. House Intel Republicans will mildly criticize Trump, but they’re standing by him,” the Swing Left Twitter account wrote.

“Mike Turner said the call ‘wasn’t okay.’ Chris Stewart said it ‘makes [him] uncomfortable.’ Will Hurd said it was ‘concerning.’ They’re ALL up in 2020. #ByeByeElise,” it added:


Stefanik slammed the Democrats’ case during her appearance on Hannity Thursday, reminding viewers that she has “just focused on the facts.

“I’ve just focused on the facts,” she said. “And it is clear as every day goes by that Democrats’ case for impeachment is crumbling. Adam Schiff has been an abject failure.”

“And again, the facts remain the same. There was no quid pro quo. And there was no investigation into the Bidens. In fact, the only investigation into Burisma was under the Obama administration,” she noted.


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