***Live Updates*** South Carolina Primary Results

Biden counting on primary win in South Carolina to revive hopes

South Carolina holds the nation’s first-in-the-South presidential primary on Saturday.

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11:00 PM: Delegate count so far out of South Carolina:

10:05 PM: With 86% reporting: Bideen 48.4%, Sanders 19.9%.

9:33 PM: Steyer says he got into the race for really good reasons. He says he got into the race because he thought people were not addressing racial injustices in the country. He rips Lindsey Graham as a “disaster” and says every Democrat is better than Trump. He says when the Lord closes the door, he opens a window and he will find that window and crawl through it.

Van Jones and Yang praise Steyer.

9:21 PM: With 60% reporting, it’s Biden 50.2%, Sanders 18.3%. A thrashing.

9:15 PM: Steyer reportedly dropping out tonight:

Steyer adviser concedes “the firewall was real.”

9:15 PM: Interesting point about women/candidates of color not given as many chances as Biden.


9:10 PM:

9:03 PM: Not a good night for Steyer:

9:00 PM: Biden’s camp would love to make the popular vote + delegates argument:

8:58 PM: Bloomberg:

Warren still going after Sanders:

8:50 PM: Biden thanks South Carolina. He tells his “buddy” Clyburn: “You brought me back.” Biden says the press and the pundits declared his candidacy dead but thanks the “heart of the Democratic party,” he is very much alive. He says South Carolina Democrats launched Bill Clinton/Obama and now they’ve launched his campaign. Biden tells Democrats voting on Super Tuesday that this is the moment Democrats can determine what this party stands for. Biden says if Democrats nominate him, he can beat Trump and keep the House and take back the Senate.

Weird argument from Biden. He should have just made the electability/down-ticket argument instead of talking about how Democrats can determine what this party stands for…. words the Sanders campaign could use against him.

Biden urges Democrats to nominate a “Democrat”–an “Obama-Biden” Democrat. He says Americans want “results” and not “promises” of a revolution. Biden says Democrats can’t be like “them” (Trump’s Republicans) and have never-ending war. He says this election is for the heart and soul of the country and not the Democratic Party after minutes ago telling Democrats to determine what his party stands for.

Biden’s really is not good with these speeches. Fair or not, he always seems unprepared and sounds like a transactional candidate.

8:41 PM:

8:38 PM: Looks like Bloomberg is not changing anything:

8:31 PM: After saying that Trump will not undermine America’s democracy, Sanders says he is proud that he has won the popular vote in Iowa + New Hampshire/Nevada. Sanders says “you can’t win them all.” He congratulates Biden on his victory and says “now we enter Super Tuesday in Virginia.”

Sanders says “we are more than a campaign. We are a movement…”

He then goes into his standard stump speech.

8:30 PM: Sanders is the first to speak. Biden probably did not go out to speak to ensure Sanders would not “bigfoot” him. Sanders immediately opens up thanking veterans in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and talking about wars that never should have been fought. He’s reminding anti-war Democrats where he stands on foreign policy/war as opposed to Biden.

8:20 PM: Biden getting ready to make one of the biggest speeches of his political life.

7:50 PM: Warren/Buttigieg/Klobuchar not appealing to the heart and soul of the party:

7:45 PM:

7:40 PM: Weingarten tweets “congrats” to Biden before she is reportedly set to endorse Warren later tonight. Doesn’t look like Warren will have a good showing in the Palmetto State:

7:35 PM: Biden, who doesn’t have money to advertise across Super Tuesday states, needs his victory speech to be seen in those states. Will he finally give a coherent speech about what his campaign is about and why he is running or will he just again ramble like a Senate insider talking to institutional historians about insider minutiae nobody knows or cares about?

7:26 PM: The Pundit-in-Chief’s take:

7:25 PM: A lot of joy but probably a lot more relief as well:

7:20 PM: Biden Campaign: “South Carolina Chooses Presidents.”

7:15 PM: Former VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe announces on CNN he is endorsing Biden and he’ll campaign with him in Virginia ahead of Super Tuesday. He says he’s worried about VA Reps Spanberger/Luria will lose their seats if Biden is not on the top of the ticket. He suggests Steyer, Klobuchar, Buttigieg should consider dropping out ahead of Super Tuesday. De facto Buttigieg surrogate David Axelrod not sure what to make of McAuliffe’s suggestion.

7:12 PM: Biden has Obama to thank:

7:10 PM: To steal from greatest basketball announcer who ever lived, though the SC primary was put in the refrigerator for Biden early (door’s closed, light’s out, the butter’s getting hard, the eggs are cooling, and the Jello is jiggling), the margin is going to matter. Sanders and Bloomberg campaigns will be hoping for a backdoor Sanders cover as the night goes on while Biden’s team is hoping this is a no-doubter.

7:00 PM: Polls closed in South Carolina. AP, CNN Projects Biden Victory Right After Polls Close. This would be Biden’s first win ever as a candidate.

6:30 PM: Good signs for Biden:

6:15 PM: Polls Close in South Carolina at 7 PM ET:


Clyburn seems fed up with Biden’s campaign being all over the map and making unforced error after the error with the gaffe-prone candidate not helping matters:

Delegate count so far (South Carolina awards 54):

Sanders Campaign: Medicare for All needed because of threats like Coronavirus:

Biden in North Carolina:

Bloomberg hitting Biden for not being an executive. In football, there are many coaches who always tend to be great coordinators but can’t handle being the head coach.

Warren getting key union support–Weingarten set to endorse Warren:

What will Steyer do if he performs poorly in South Carolina?

Buttigieg in Nashville:


Early Exit Polling:

Clyburn delivered for Biden. But Biden has to obliterate the “spread” to get maximum momentum going into Super Tuesday.


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