Maine Clinics Extend Birth Control Prescriptions for Fear of ‘Baby Boom’

390565 01: A woman holds prescription contraceptives June 13, 2001 in Seattle, Washington.
Tim Matsui/Getty Images

A group of Maine abortion and birth control clinics is extending contraception prescriptions for women by three months for fear more time at home due to the coronavirus will result in a “baby boom.”

“It’s just human nature, if you’re home, there are more opportunities to have sexual relations,” said Evelyn Kieltyka, vice president of program services at Maine Family Planning, reported the Union Leader.

“I haven’t looked at the data, but my memory says that in times when people have had to stay home for long periods of time, there could be a little baby boom,” she added.

The U.S. population grew by less than half a percent in 2019, reported Forbes in January.

“This is the lowest growth rate since the Spanish flu killed 675,000 people in 1918,” the article noted.

Breitbart News reported in April 2019 the U.S. Census Bureau has found immigration is driving nearly half of all U.S. population growth, rather than increased birth rates:

The latest Census Bureau estimates on the U.S. population reveal that about 48.5 percent of all population growth is driven by the country’s mass illegal and legal immigration policy, where more than 1.5 million foreign nationals are admitted to the country every year.

Maine Family Planning, a group of 18 clinics, which includes Planned Parenthood in southern Maine, says it will still be performing abortions as well during the coronavirus pandemic, at a cost of $500.

Kieltyka stated the organization is expanding its telehealth services to allow patients to complete forms online in order to spend as little time at a clinic.

“As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 impacts health care facilities across the region, Planned Parenthood of Northern New England (PPNNE) is taking precautions and continuing to provide care at its 21 health centers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont,” the organization said in a statement, according to WABI News.


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