Donald Trump Shuts Down Press Conference as Reporters Protest

President Donald Trump on Monday ended a White House press conference abruptly after two reporters disrupted the event.

CBS reporter Weijia Jiang began by asking Trump why he repeatedly boasted that the United States was leading the world in testing.

“Maybe that’s a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me,” Trump replied. “Ask China that question, okay? When you ask them that question, you may get a very unusual answer.”

Trump then selected CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins for a question, but Collins deferred to Jiang for a followup question.

That prompted Jiang to suggest that the president was being racist by telling her to “ask China,” as she was an Asian American.

“Sir, why are you saying that to me specifically?” Jiang continued.

“I’m not saying it specifically to anybody,” Trump replied. “I’m saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question.”

“That’s not a nasty question,” Jiang replied.

Trump then selected another reporter, but Collins protested, noting that the president had selected her to ask a question.

“I have two questions … you pointed to me, I have two questions Mr. President, you called on me,” Collins said.

Trump noted that she did not respond when he selected her and he was moving on. Trump frequently skips White House reporters who try to defer to their colleagues for a followup question in a press conference, as it disrupts the flow of the press conference.

“Sorry, I just wanted to let my colleague finish, but can I ask a question please.” Collins replied, “You called on me.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much,” Trump said after leaving the podium.


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