Watch: WI Man Busts MSNBC for Mask-Shaming While Cameraman Is Maskless


A bystander called out NBC News correspondent Cal Perry for shaming people not wearing masks outdoors — informing viewers that his cameraman was maskless during a live shoot in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, on Memorial Day.

The segment begins with MSNBC anchor Katy Tur asking Perry whether people are concerned for their safety despite the ongoing Chinese coronavirus pandemic. “I haven’t met anybody who he,” Perry replied. “I met some folks actually from Lake Geneva who lived in the area and staying a few miles outside of town and they said they are worried about it.”

Perry then prompted his camera man by touching his elbow to show a man in a Green Bay Packers shirt without a mask on. “But you can see nobody is wearing [masks],” Perry then said as he pointed to the man.

“Including the cameraman,” the man shot back.

The incident came as MSNBC contributor Dr. Vin Gupta suggested that lawmakers should mandate mask usage to combat further spread of coronavirus, comparing the proposal to a ban on smoking inside public buildings.

“We should make masks mandatory in public, just like we ban indoor smoking, because you know what? You shouldn’t have to breathe somebody else’s secondhand smoke. I shouldn’t have to breathe exhaled COVID-19 in somebody’s breath,” Gupta said. “Nobody should. We should institute mandatory masks in public when you can’t guarantee social distancing. That means retail stores, public transportation, workplaces. That’s absolutely where we should be heading.”

On Tuesday, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) announced residents will be required to wear a mask inside public places as of Friday — after he was caught taking a selfie without one.


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