Jon Stewart: Biden Was ‘Not My Guy,’ but He’s Right Person for Country in ‘Terrible Anguish’

CBS, Matt Slocum/AP

Appearing on CBS’s Late Show with host Stephen Colbert, former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart said former Vice President Joe Biden was “not my guy” during the Democrat presidential primary, but he now believes Biden is the right leader for the United States, which he says in “terrible anguish.”

A partial transcript is as follows: 

STEPHEN COLBERT: Let’s talk about changing the future. We are in an election year. Who are you liking? Biden or Trump? Is it a coin toss at this point?

JOHN STEWART: It’s a toss-up, I’m going back and forth.

COLBERT: A recent poll, a New York Times poll said 14 percent of voters aren’t sure yet. I don’t know, tell me more.

STEWART: For me, I remember thinking when [Trump] came down the [escalator] and said all Mexicans are rapists, I said, “okay he’s done,” and then, “grab em’ by the pussy,” I said, “okay he’s done.” His morality has been litigated, and I didn’t expect him to be moral, but what caught me off caught was the utter incompetence. I think I’ve been somewhat surprised. You were sort of sold this idea that he was a disruptor and that the chaos was strategic and now you know that his pants are on fire. He really is just mainly concerned with credit and praise.


I think Biden’s slogan should be, “It’s enough already.”

COLBERT: Biden has literally tweeted that, just that word, “enough.”


STEWART: Biden was not my guy. He wasn’t even in the top four. I was just more of a Sanders/Warren guy… I’m not crazy about the Uncle Joe character… the “Hey, how ya doin’, I took down Corn Pop.” I don’t like that shtick… But I feel like that’s not the core of who that guy really is… We are a country in terrible anguish right now. We are in pain.


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