Watch – ‘Aggressive Anarchist’ Group Verbally Harasses LA Police: ‘Go Home and Beat Your Wife’

Protesters use umbrellas as shields from projectiles fired by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies moving in to disperse a crowd of demonstrators gathered to protest again in the wake of Dijon Kizzee's killing, outside the South LA sheriff's station on September 8, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. - 29-year-old Dijon …
File Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

Rioters in Los Angeles, which authorities described as more of an “aggressive anarchist”  group, taunted police with rants laced with expletives, with one demonstrator calling an officer a “stupid white bitch” who should “eat a giant smoking fucking dick that has herpes” and another telling a cop to “go home and beat your wife.”

Rioters clashed with police Tuesday evening as demonstrators gathered to protest the death of Dijon Kizzee, a black man who “reportedly fought police and had a gun.”

According to KTTV’s Bill Melugin, police described the group of protesters as “more of an aggressive anarchist element than previous nights”:

Several videos show some of the clashes, hallmarked by demonstrators accosting police officers, unleashing a string of foul remarks.

“Eat a giant smoking fucking dick that has herpes stupid white bitch,” one demonstrator shouted:

“If you take that badge off I’ll suck your dick. Take that badge off, quit that job, I’ll suck the fuck out of your dick,” another protester said through a megaphone, adding, “I’ll eat your pussy too ladies. I don’t discriminate.”

In another clip, a protester can be heard telling an officer to “go home and beat your wife”:

Police and protesters have continued to face off in Democrat-run cities across the country in recent weeks, including Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Rochester.


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