Fact Check: Joe Biden Referred to China Travel Ban as ‘Hysterical Xenophobia’


CLAIM: During the first presidential debate, President Trump accused Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden of calling his travel bans on China “xenophobic.”

VERDICT: True. In January, Biden called Trump’s travel ban on China to slow the spread of the Chinese coronavirus “hysterical xenophobia.”

“I closed [the country], and you said, ‘He’s xenophobic. He’s a racist, and he’s xenophobic’ because you don’t think I should have closed our country,” Trump said. “You didn’t think we should have closed our country because … you thought it was terrible. You wouldn’t have closed it for another two months. By my doing it for another two months, Dr. Fauci said, ‘President Trump saved thousands of lives.’”

During a campaign event on January 31, the day Trump banned travel from China, Biden referred to Trump’s plan as “hysterical xenophobia.”

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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