Former Rep. Jason Lewis: Minnesota Best GOP Pickup Opportunity Outside Alabama for U.S. Senate

BEMIDJI, MN - SEPTEMBER 18: Republican Senate candidate Jason Lewis speaks during a rally
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Former Rep. Jason Lewis, the Republican Senate candidate for Minnesota, said during a Tuesday appearance on Breitbart News Tonight that he “100 percent” agrees that the GOP maintaining a Senate majority could come down to the North Star State.

Lewis discussed both the Senate race and presidential race in Minnesota, agreeing with Breitbart News’s Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle that the GOP’s majority in the Senate could come down to that seat.

“100 percent correct, and I think our pathway, quite frankly, is better than other states who are trying to flip the state — Alabama obviously being the best — but I think Minnesota’s the next best,” Lewis said, adding that people “need to get serious about it.”

His Democrat opponent, Tina Smith (D-MN), is “nervous,” he explained, citing her recent attack ads and adding that she “ought to be” nervous.

“We’re going to take this seat, but we need to really dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the last three weeks,” he said.


Lewis also laid out the presidential race, comparing President Trump’s 2016 performance in the state to Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) in 2012. In that election, Romney lost the state by about 225,000 votes.

“In the Greater Minnesota, 85 counties, other than Hennepin and Ramsey — those are the hardcore, left-wing, dark blue Minneapolis and St. Paul, two counties — Minnesota has 87. The other 85 went for Romney by about 56,000 votes,” Lewis said.

“Donald Trump came in and got 291,000 in Greater Minnesota. I think we’ll go over 300,000 this cycle. So instead of losing the state by 225,000, Trump loses by 44,000,” he continued. “That greater Minnesota area where we spent the better part of a year — 40,000 miles later Matt — we are going to take Greater Minnesota in huge numbers, and so is the president.”

The suburbs, Lewis added, are coming back “because of the fear for riots, and public safety and Second Amendment.”

“And I think that’s our pathway,” he said, adding that Democrats are getting nervous “as well they should,” but he added that the GOP needs help from “every corner of the country” in both races.

Minnesota has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1972.

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