Michigan County Commissioner Backs Gretchen Whitmer Impeachment: ‘Cannot Step on Constitution’

FILE - In this Feb. 12, 2019 file photo, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer delivers her State of the State address to a joint session of the House and Senate at the state Capitol in Lansing, Mich. Whitmer's proposal to significantly increase fuel taxes to fix the roads is paired with …
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A northern Michigan county commissioner told The Kyle Olson Show this week Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s unconstitutional executive orders are the reason his board backed an effort to impeach her.

“Let’s start with the separation of powers,” Kalkaska County Commissioner Dave Comai said. “The executive branch doesn’t make laws. The legislative branch makes laws.”

He said a legislative process includes evidence, debate, and compromise, while a governor’s executive order does not.


Comai said the economic woes in the county of 18,000 are “just terrible” and are “directly connected” to Whitmer’s lockdown orders.

He said restaurant licensing in the county is down one-third since Whitmer began issuing mandates related to bars and restaurants, limiting capacity and how they do business.

Comai said a declared “state of emergency” does not justify violating the U.S. or Michigan constitutions.

The Kalkaska County Commission passed a resolution 4-2 last week to back an effort by state Rep. Matt Maddock (R) to impeach Whitmer. Maddock has cited Whitmer’s policy of sending coronavirus-positive patients into nursing homes to recuperate as a major reason to oust the governor.

Comai told The Kyle Olson Show the response to the impeachment endorsement has been “huge” and overwhelmingly positive.

He said he had 157 people that he has talked to in support of the board’s resolution and only 27 contacted him opposed, “and some of them were not even from our area.”

One Whitmer supporter, Comai said, objected to him calling the governor “a young lady.”

“I’m not doubting that Mrs. Whitmer is a very nice young lady … but I don’t care who you are, you cannot step on my constitution,” he said.

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