Nolte: Democrat-Run Minneapolis Forced to Spend $6.4M to Hire More Cops

A Minneapolis Police Department officer stands in a line to control demonstrators after declaring an unlawful assembly in Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 4, 2020. - Democrats and Republicans girded November 4 for a legal showdown to decide the winner of the tight presidential race between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat …

The Democrat-run city of Minneapolis has been forced to spend $6.4 million to hire more cops.


The failed city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, has only 638 police officers available to do police work. That is a drop of some 200 from the recent norm.

Where did those 200 go? Some either quit or retired after the Democrat-run City Council promised to eliminate policing during weeks of violent riots led by the left-wing terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Get this…

Approximately 155 of those 200 missing officers are still on some form of extended medical or psychological leave. I wonder how many remain on the city payroll?

Naturally, a city with fewer police officer led by a political establishment that sides with rioters, leads to what? An explosion of violent crime mixed with ludicrously long wait times when a citizen calls 911. So now these City Council dummies are having to spend an additional $6.4 million to hire more police.

This has to really hurt. Don’t forget this is the same City Council that wants to eliminate the police department entirely.

Anyone with half a brain knew that this would happen, knew that when you call for the elimination of the police and invite and enable riots, violent crime is going to flourish.

What’s more, the consequences of all this left-wing stupidity will keep rolling on, and I mean straight through to this $6.4 million hiring spree.

Think about it…

Do you honestly believe serious professionals, people who take their law enforcement careers seriously, are going to want to apply to work on a police force where 1) the City Council is still trying to eliminate it, 2) violent terrorists are allowed to riot, and 3) there is a serious push to get an initiative to eliminate the police department on the November ballot?

This is the same city that allowed one of their police stations to be burned down…

This kind of atmosphere is not going to attract anyone who is looking for a serious job, or a long career in law enforcement. It’s going to attract the dregs who can’t find work anywhere else.

There’s so much fail here, and I’m so done feeling sorry for these fools, and by “fools” I mean the idiot-citizens of Minneapolis who got exactly what they voted for.

Stew in your on juice, losers.

You get what you vote for, and you morons voted for riots and no police and no 911 response, and now you’re about to hire $6.4 million worth of cops who couldn’t find work anywhere else.

Since 1945, Minneapolis has had on Republican mayor, and that was 60 years ago.

Except for Democrat-run cities, America is doing just fine.

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