White House: Joe Biden So Physically Fit, He’s ‘Hard to Keep Up With’

The White House

The White House told reporters Monday that President Joe Biden is so physically fit, he is hard to keep up with.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki discussed Biden’s physical health on Monday after a reporter asked her about the president’s Peloton exercise bike. (The New York Times reported in January that Biden’s Peloton might not make it into the White House, as it posed a possible cybersecurity risk.)

Psaki did not reveal if Biden still uses the exercise bike at the White House.

“I will say I have nothing to read out on the president’s private exercise routine,” she replied. “I can tell you, having traveled with him a fair amount, sometimes he’s hard to keep up with.”

The Washington Post reported Monday that Biden had built-in routines that include a daily morning workout and sometimes has meetings with his personal trainer. The report also notes that Biden has an affinity for chocolate chip cookies, orange Gatorade, and Coke Zero.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden boasted of his physical health compared to then-president Donald Trump.

“Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps, okay? C’mon,” Biden said to a reporter in September.

But questions about Biden’s physical health remain after he stumbled and fell repeatedly while struggling up the stairs of Air Force One in March.

Psaki has deflected questions several times about Biden’s physical exam, including at Monday’s press briefing.

“I know you’ve asked about this before, and it is something we will be doing,” she said, referring to answering those questions.


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