Conservatives Send Letter to Nevada Legislators Opposing Election Bill

M. Spencer Green, File/AP Photo
M. Spencer Green, File/AP Photo

Heritage Action for America announced Wednesday their effort by a group of grassroots conservative activists, who wrote a letter to Nevada legislators to try and oppose the state’s election bill, set to weaken the state’s election laws.

The announcement said the bill, AB 321, “would weaken Nevada’s election laws and make elections more susceptible to fraud.” The grassroots effort collected over 1700 voter signatures for the purpose of opposing the “disastrous bill for Nevada election security.”

Heritage Action said the group “has been advocating for stronger state election laws to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat, Nevada is no exception.”

In the letter, they said, as Nevada voters, they “care about restoring trust in election outcomes by closing any loopholes that erode integrity and transparency of the process.” The group continued to say, “Many of us are volunteers that serve as poll workers in neighborhood precincts. Nevada should have election laws that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

The bill in question would make emergency voting procedures set up during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic into permanent law. The group also outlines some of the other problems with the bill:

●  Universal mailing of mail-in ballots to all registered voters creates more opportunities for fraud, forgery, coercion, and voter intimidation.

●  Mail-in ballots would be accepted up-to four days after the election, which delays vote counting and further erodes trust in the outcomes.

●  Legalizes ballot harvesting by permitting anyone to collect ballots and deliver them to a drop box or an election office.

●  When verifying signatures, the bill prohibits poll workers from taking the simple step of confirming the voter’s birth date.

“Nevada voters would no longer be able to count on elections to be fair, accessible, and secure,” the group added. “As our elected officials, entrusted with making the right decisions for the future of our state, we ask that you oppose AB 321 and similar policies.”

Jessica Anderson, the Heritage Action for America executive director, released a statement on their opposition to the Nevada bill.

“We are grateful to every grassroots Nevadan who is fighting for election integrity in the Silver State,” Anderson said.

She continued, “As state legislatures around the country are passing effective bills to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat, Nevada legislators pushing AB 321 are doing the opposite.”

“Heritage Action Sentinels are leading the fight for fair elections in Nevada, and legislators should take notice: Nevadans will not stand for this disastrous bill,” Anderson added.


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