Glenn Youngkin Targets Terry McAuliffe in Virginia Governor’s Race Ads

Glenn Youngkin Ad A New Day
Youngkin for Governor

Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s Republican nominee for governor, has released his first two general election ads targeting former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who became the Democrat nominee after winning the primary on Tuesday.

One advertisement, titled “Time for Change,” chronicles attacks on McAuliffe from progressive Democrat gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Carroll Foy, who called for new leadership. “A new kind of leader to bring a new day to Virginia,” Youngkin says as the ad concludes.

The other advertisement, titled “A New Day,” shows Youngkin making his way through a crowd of men in suits depicted as the “same politicians” who have forgotten the needs of Virginia residents.

“For too long we have been told there is only one way to do things in Richmond,” Youngkin said in the second ad. “The same politicians are taking us in the wrong direction.”

Youngkin says in the ad:

I’m Glenn Youngkin. I’m not a politician. I spent 30 years building business and getting things done. I’m running for governor because together we can create great jobs, guarantee the best education, the safest communities, and release a rip-roaring economy. It’s a new day here in Virginia and the future belongs to us.

According to Youngkin’s campaign, the ads will air on television and digital platforms on Wednesday.

Youngkin, a former CEO of the Carlyle Group, defeated six of his Republican opponents in the primary election and received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump last month.

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