Glenn Beck: ‘Breaking the News’ Reveals ‘Insidious’ Ways Media Are ‘Selling Their Country Out’ to China

NATIONAL HARBOR, MARYLAND - MARCH 01: Glenn Beck speaks during CPAC 2019 on March 1, 2019
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Glenn Beck lauded Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow’s Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption as “an important book” detailing news media corruption rooted in conflicts of interest related to China and the Chinese Community Party (CCP).

Beck spoke with Marlow about Breaking the News in an interview published Wednesday on the Glenn Beck Program.

“Barack Obama said yesterday that it’s the right-wing media just doing it for ratings and money,” Beck said. “It’s much more insidious than that when it comes to the left, and these giant corporations. they’re selling their country out to be able to have China.”

Marlow explained how many news media outlets must deceptively shape their reporting to comply with the CCP’s politics due to their integration into multinational conglomerates dependent on the Chinese market.

Corporate conglomerate owners of news media companies want to “pat their bottom lines with that sweet, sweet Commie cash,” Marlow remarked:

It’s throughout the establishment press, the ABC and NBC examples are the clearest, because they’ve got such big entertainment interests in China. Let’s say they did do it deep dive on the origins of the coronavirus and it turned out that maybe China was the bad guy after all — it wasn’t Donald Trump was the bad guy — well then maybe the country will put pressure on China and maybe the corporations won’t be able to pat their bottom lines with all that sweet, sweet Commie cash.

But even outlets that don’t have huge interests in China — the Atlantic magazine, for example, is owned by a lady named Laurene Powell Jobs — Steve Jobs’ widow, she makes all her money from Apple and Disney.

So she’s bankrolling [the Atlantic] with money from China. That’s where Apple does so much of its business. That’s where Disney does so much of its business. It’s so stunning, China’s tentacles, and how much they’re in virtually every corner of the American media.

Beck wondered if former President Donald Trump was aware of the depths of news media corruption revealed in Breaking the News when popularizing the term “fake news”:

Breaking the News … is about fake news, and I know when Donald Trump first started talking about fake news, it was kinda funny, maybe in some ways. We all knew that it was true, but I don’t think — I’m not sure — he even knew how in the bag they were when he first started saying it.

Beck concurred with Trump’s description of “fake news media” as “the enemy of the people.”

“They must know what they’re doing at this point,” Beck concluded, “and they are an enemy of the Constitution. They’re an enemy of the public.”


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