Exclusive—Democrat Cindy Axne Will ‘Check and See’ About Federally Mandating Masks in Schools

Video Obtained by Breitbart News

In a video exclusively obtained by Breitbart News, Rep. Cindy Anxe (D-IA), the lone Iowa Congressional Democrat at a town hall, says that she will “check and see” what she can do “at a federal level” to mandate that children wear masks in schools.

A constituent at one of Axne’s town halls asked about the federal government stepping in to mandate children wearing masks in classrooms:

With the state legislature’s decision to strip away local control from school boards to mandate masks [in the classroom], is there anything the federal government can do, to mandate masks in schools similar to the transportation mandate?

The Democrat responded by saying that “at the federal level, [she] can try and shore up the poor decisions that have been made [in Iowa] at the state level that are impacting our children, our teachers, and our ability to educate our kids,” adding she will “check and see” what she can do “at a federal level” to be able to mandate that children wear masks in school.

Axne mentioned that she was glad someone asked the question, as she’s a mom of teenage boys. She added:

I feel really bad for all of you parents who have really young children who can’t even get vaccinated. I feel bad for all you parents in general becuase we shouldn’t even be having to deal with this. If people would just get vaccinated, and if they just wear their masks, we wouldn’t be even remotely be dealing with the pandemic at the levels we’re at.

What I hope is that we all have the spirit and the care of what I saw out of our kids at the end of last year when the governor lifted the mandate for clearly political reason.

Axne has been one of the three top targets for the Republicans leading up to the midterm elections next year. National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer (MN) exclusively told Breitbart News Saturday that Axne is one of the top targets.

He explained, “All I can say about her is every week there’s another gaffe from Cindy Axne. She’s a bad fit for the district, and we’re gonna make sure that Iowans know the damaging economic policies she supports are hurting.”

On Wednesday, Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, slammed President Joe Biden for wanting to mandate masks for everyone, including children in schools. DeSantis also called it “insane” that one of the Biden administration’s top medical professionals wants to have children wear masks while at home with their parents.


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