Karen Bass Enters Los Angeles Mayoral Race, Leaves House Behind

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 01: U.S. Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) speaks at a Congressional Black Cauc
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Radical Democrat Rep. Karen Bass (CA) announced her candidacy for the Los Angeles mayoral race Monday, joining the already crowded field to replace outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) and leaving the shrinking House majority and her safe House seat behind.

“Our city is facing a public health, safety and economic crisis in homelessness that has evolved into a humanitarian emergency,” she said in her press release announcing her candidacy.

“I’ve spent my entire life bringing groups of people together in coalitions to solve complex problems and produce concrete change — especially in times of crisis,” she added.

Bass announcing her run for mayor, joins the growing list of House Democrats crushing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) hopes of keeping the wafer-thin majority due to either announcing retirement or running for a different election position. Breitbart News has extensively reported on Pelosi’s majority crumbling.

The congresswoman stepping away from the House leaves her seat open for the 2022 midterm cycle. In 2020, Bass garnered 85.9 percent of the vote.

During the 2020 election, when then-candidate Joe Biden was looking for a running mate, Bass, one of the top candidates, ran into problems with the Biden’s vice presidential search committee before he ultimately chose fellow California Democrat then-Sen. Kamala Harris.

“She came under intense criticism during the vetting process for her decades-long association with communists, her membership in a communist front group run by Cuba’s communist regime, her praise of communist dictator Fidel Castro, and her public praise for her communist mentor and communist influencers,” Breitbart News previously reported.

Bass, the one-time medical professional, and South Los Angeles community organizer before running for the California state assembly, was once connected to Venceremos Brigade and other communist organizations such as a Maoist organization founded in Oakland, California, Line of March. Breitbart News reported:

During the late 1980s-’90s, Bass increased her community organizing profile in South Los Angeles, speaking regularly to various far-left organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America, organizing a memorial service for South African Communist Party leader (and Stalin admirer) Joe Slovo, campaigning against Apartheid in South Africa, and continuing her fight against liquor stores — all of which laid the ground-work for her successful run for the State Assembly in 2004.

For the first time in history, Bass’s state, California, will lose a Congressional seat after the census data was released. This was partly to “escape the damages of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) draconian and arbitrary Chinese coronavirus lockdown measures.”

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