Stacey Abrams Required Children to Cover Their Faces So She Could Go Maskless

Stacey Abrams

Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, who recently appeared maskless among dozens of masked-up children during a visit to a Georgia elementary school, did so “on the condition that everyone around her” wore a face covering, including children, her campaign said.

Over the weekend, a photo surfaced showing the Georgia gubernatorial candidate smiling gleefully around dozens of children at Glennwood Elementary School in Decatur. She visited the school for an “African-American Read-In” event for Black History Month. City Schools of Decatur mandate masks for both students and employees, requiring them to wear “an appropriate mask or face covering while inside CSD buildings.”

Yet, Abrams joined the ranks of several of her left-wing colleagues in defying the same rules she purportedly supports, appearing maskless while others — in this case, elementary school children — were forced to mask up:

Abrams campaign, in what appears to be a failed attempt to defend the Georgia gubernatorial candidate, claimed that Abrams did, in fact, wear a mask to the initial event and only took her mask off on the condition that students and those surrounding her did not follow her lead.

“Her campaign said she wore a mask to the event and only removed it so she could be heard by students watching remotely and for a handful of photos on the condition that everyone around her was wearing face-coverings,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, reported, confirming that Abrams made a special exception for herself on the condition that children remained masked up.

Abram’s campaign addressed the mounting critiques of the candidate, accusing critics of using a Black History Month reading event as the “impetus for a false political attack,” deeming it both “pitiful and predictable.” It remains unclear what part of the overarching critique is false, as her campaign admitted she required children to remain masked up as a condition for her maskless appearance. Yet, her campaign manager insists that Abrams “trusts science”:

Georgia gubernatorial candidate, former Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), pounced after Abrams’ appearance, slamming her and Democrats in an “Unmask Our Kids” digital ad and changing his Twitter header to the now famous image of a maskless Abrams surrounding by masked up elementary school children. The photo includes the caption, “Unmask Our Kids.”

Abrams follows a long line of Democrats who have also ignored the mask mandates they purportedly support at their own convenience, including San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D). 


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