Catholic League: For Joe Biden, Women’s Rights Mean Abortion and LGBT Issues

joe biden
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Catholic League president Bill Donohue slammed President Biden’s reductive idea of women’s rights Wednesday, underscoring his sell-out to the progressive wing of his party.

The White House released a “Fact Sheet” on International Women’s Day celebrating 33 initiatives that the Biden administration has purportedly undertaken to promote women’s rights, many of which “have little to do with women,” Dr. Donohue notes.

Remarkably, women who are married with children “are almost completely ignored” and “only one of the 33 listings addresses them,” Donohue observes, while mothers who homeschool their children “are totally ignored” and “merit no commentary.”

Progressive initiatives reflecting the goals of radical feminism abound, however, and among the 33 initiatives sponsored by the Biden administration five deal with abortion and ten address “the growing smorgasbord of LGBTQI+ people,” most of whom are not women, Donohue writes.

“Why are women who work at home not included in all but one of these 33 initiatives?” Donohue asks. “Because from the very beginning of the feminist movement, they have not only been dismissed by activists, they have been treated with contempt.”

U.S. President Joe Biden listens as U.S. First lady Dr. Jill Biden delivers remarks during a Cancer Moonshot initiative event in the East Room of the White House on February 02, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Having the “right to choose” has never meant the right of a married woman to choose working at home; “it has only meant the right to choose an abortion,” he adds.

Some of the policies promoted by the Biden administration are actually “anti-women,” he warns.

“Women’s rights are not enhanced by denying them the right to compete exclusively against biological females in women’s sports: they are retarded,” he states. “Similarly, women’s rights are negated when they are forced to give up their privacy rights when sharing shower facilities and locker rooms with naked men.”

“The Biden administration’s idea of women’s rights is as twisted as it is dishonest,” Donohue asserts, because it only wishes to please a radical fringe rather than ordinary women.

“Instead of only consulting radical feminists, gay activists and other sexual engineers for advice, it would be so nice if they simply listened to what ordinary housewives and working moms have to say about their ‘liberating’ schemes,” he concludes.


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