Nolte: Joe Biden’s Baby Formula Shortage Forces Children to Undergo Surgery

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His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s baby formula shortage is so dire that even far-left CNN has been forced to report on the tragic fallout.

Of course, CNN buried the real news in its own piece. Biden’s baby formula crisis is so bad that at least two children have been forced to undergo surgery.

“Desperate families turn to hospitals when their hunt for formula comes up dry,” reads the headline from CNN, a left-wing propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence.

On Wednesday, Breitbart News reported on two babies in Tennessee hospitalized over Joe Biden’s failure to provide America’s children with adequate baby formula. Now CNN tells the story of another child. Her name is Alexis Tyler. She’s three years old, and her desperate mother has not been able to find her formula since March.

Now Alexis will have to undergo surgery.

“In the next few days,” CNNLOL reports, “doctors will start the process of admitting Alexis to the hospital to surgically implant a tube into her stomach so her parents can feed her something else.”

Yep. Thanks to Joe Biden, a three-year-old girl will be cut open and implanted with a tube.

Naturally, because they will forever humiliate themselves to protect Democrats, CNN downplays this crisis.

“The problem doesn’t seem to be common,” chirps CNN. “According to interviews with children’s hospitals around the nation, most infants and children—even those on specialty formulas—have been able to work with nutritionists to find acceptable substitutes.”

Oh, okay … in the United States of America, children are being hospitalized and operated on because they can’t get the formula they need to stay alive, something that has not happened in this country in generations — but whatevs, it’s not happening all that much. … And if you think about it, babies dying of starvation is kinda-sorta-like abortion, so what’s the big deal, TrumpTards?

And yet, buried under countless paragraphs of happy talk, CNN tells these horror stories: “In addition to children who need to be admitted to be fed, [Dr. Jenifer] Lightdale says they are seeing desperate families come to the emergency room when they run out of formula and can’t find any more.”

“In terms of numbers,” she admits, “we certainly, you know, basically having a couple at least every day or two showing up.”

Summation: At just one hospital, each and every day, a couple or two are rushing into the emergency room to get their kids fed!

Oh, and CNN found another child forced to undergo surgery. A baby named Clover was hospitalized three times. She wasn’t getting enough to eat. Her parents couldn’t find her formula, and she was diagnosed with “failure to thrive.” The formula is still unavailable. The only option now is surgery.

“We were kind of pushed by doctors to do a G-tube to basically help her get the nutrition that she can’t take by mouth,” her mother told CNN. The surgery was completed two days ago.

This is happening in America…

And you can bet it’s deliberate.

Democrats love scarcity. With the exceptions of illegal aliens, abortions, and gay porn in elementary schools, Democrats want Americans to have less of everything. Less energy, less water, less speech, less housing, and (unless you’re an illegal alien) less baby formula.

Never in my lifetime have people been unable to get enough to eat, much less babies. Until Democrats were put in charge, this was a country of abundance.

Well, those days are over…

Scarcity creates a dependence that empowers the State, which empowers the fascist Democrats in charge of the State.

Democrats deliberately ensure we have less food, water, energy, housing, and speech. They also deliberately deliver the kind of crippling inflation that ensures we have less of everything, including prosperity.

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