2024: Political Strategist Says Democrats Need Hillary Clinton ‘More than Ever’

Executive Producer Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks on stage during "Below The Belt" New York Premiere at Museum of Modern Art on May 24, 2022, in New York City. (Cindy Ord/Getty)
Cindy Ord/Getty

The Democrat Party needs twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to run for the White House in 2024, according to a longtime Democrat consultant and pollster.

Doug Schoen, who has advised high-profile Democrats such as former President Bill Clinton and Michael Bloomberg, wrote in an opinion-editorial entitled “Now more than ever, Democrats need Hillary Clinton” for The Hill:

In light of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade — upending decades of precedent and revoking a constitutional right that American women have enjoyed for half a century — the case for Clinton’s candidacy is even clearer.

Whether or not party leaders will admit it, Democrats know that they need to move on from Biden if they want to stay in the White House in 2024 and — even more importantly — have a fighting chance at building a sufficient enough majority in Congress to advance any element of their agenda going forward, including, and especially, codifying abortion rights.

Ultimately, Clinton is the only prominent Democrat with the experience, the campaign infrastructure, the political know-how and the proven track record who can win a general election.

Read the rest of Schoen’s article here.

While buzz around a possible Clinton bid for the White House has grown in recent weeks, Hillary has repeatedly ruled out a run, and even said she would endorse President Joe Biden if he were to seek reelection.

“I would endorse our sitting president, yes, of course,” Clinton told NBC News reporter Yamiche Alcindor this week, per The Hill.

“I mean, this is a silly question,” the former secretary of state added. “Let’s go with the person most likely to win. Joe Biden beat in a huge landslide victory in the popular vote Donald Trump. I think that says a lot.”

Earlier in the week, Clinton addressed her future plans during an interview with CBS’s Mornings, stating that while she missed the “day-to-day of politics,” she could not “imagine” running in 2024.

“What I can imagine is staying as active and outspoken as I can because I think … our country is really on the precipice,” she said. “I think that we are looking at not only the erosion of these rights — the throwing the door open to unfettered, unregulated gun access — but we’re also looking at dismantling the federal government, how it protects our air and our water and everything else that goes along with it.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently affirmed that Biden would run for reelection despite growing concerns regarding his age.

“His answer has been pretty simple, which is, yes, he’s running for reelection. I can’t say more than that,” Jean-Pierre said of the lingering question.


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