Russia Hoaxer Jake Sullivan Complains Iran Is Arming Russia

Jake Sullivan (Chip Somodevilla / Getty)
Chip Somodevilla / Getty

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, one of the key perpetrators of the “Russia collusion” hoax in 2016 and 2017, complained in a White House briefing on Monday that Iran is preparing to supply Russia with armed drones.

“Our information indicates that the Iranian government is preparing to provide Russia with up to several hundred UAVs [unmaned aerial vehicles], including weapons-capable UAVs on an expedited timeline,” Sullivan told reporters, as he previewed Biden’s trip to the Middle East this week.

He added that Iran was suspected to be preparing to train Russian soldiers on how to use the UAVs. He noted that similar weapons had been used in the civil war in Yemen prior to a recent cease-fire — though the Biden administration and the Democratic Party had long emphasized Saudi Arabia’s role in shoring up the Yemen government, rather than the Iranian role in starting the conflict. Early in Biden’s term, the administration de-listed the Iranian-backed Houthis as a terrorist group.

Sullivan has helped lead the Biden administration’s efforts to renew the Iran nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump ended in 2018, partly because the original deal did not deal with Iran’s broader nefarious activities in the Middle East and beyond, including support for terrorism and rogue regimes.

As Breitbart News has observed:

Sullivan was implicated in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and admitted to Congress under oath in 2017 that he had briefed reporters about his suspicions of “collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Sullivan also testified, under questioning from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), that he believed former NSA Michael Flynn had conspired with the Russian government — claims that earlier led to Flynn’s ouster. Ironically, Sullivan now holds Flynn’s job.

Shortly before Election Day in 2016, Sullivan issued a press statement claiming that Trump had a “secret hotline” to Russia via Alfa Bank. Subsequent investigations by U.S. authorities determined that the Alfa Bank conspiracy theory was false.

Last December, Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged that a year of diplomacy with Iran had led nowhere. Nevertheless, the Biden administration has continued to continue to attempt to talk with the regime.

On Monday, Sullivan also said that President Joe Biden deserved credit for a number of successes in the Middle East, including containing Iran.

Sullivan also said that the U.S. is prepared to supply weapons and funding to Ukraine for its defensive war against Russia for “as long as it takes.” He said the U.S. aimed to strengthen Ukraine’s position at the negotiating table, at some later time.

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