Exclusive — Ads Boost Trump-Backed Blake Masters in AZ, Rip Establishment Opponent Jim Lamon

Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc/Getty Images, Jim Lamon/Facebook

The race for U.S. Senate is heating up in Arizona as a cluster of ads backing Trump-backed Republican Blake Masters are hitting the airwaves, one of which further exposes the Chinese business ties of Masters’ primary opponent, businessman Jim Lamon. 

One ad, from the Crypto Freedom Fund, details Lamon’s business “exploiting Uyghur labor.”

“In a remote corner of China Uyghurs are brutalized in communist camps. State-forced abortions. State-sponsored forced labor producing products for Chinese suppliers to U.S. companies like Jim Lamon’s. Lamon’s business partnered with companies exploiting Uyghur labor, one with the factory located next to an internment camp,” the ad states, deeming it “morally bankrupt, enormously profitable,” and “absolutely disqualifying.”

The other ads dropping are from the New Club for Growth Action. The group plans to spend $2.5 million on placements, boosting Masters. Both of the ads highlight Masters locking in the “key” Trump endorsement.


Lamon famously melted down after Trump endorsed Masters last month, expressing his disappointment in a lengthy statement and proceeding to smear his Trump-endorsed challenger. It was to no avail, as Masters continues to surge in the polls, particularly as more revelations come out about Lamon’s ties to China.

The primary is set to take place on August 2.


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