Nolte: BYU Eliminates Fan Section, Bans Innocent Man for Life over Race Hoax

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The moral cowards at Brigham Young University (BYU) are rewarding a race hoax by eliminating a fan section at future volleyball games.

Oh, and the innocent man falsely accused of this was escorted from the grounds and banned from the campus for life before the investigation into this hoax was completed. Yes, BYU punished an innocent man before the facts were known.

And it was a lie.

All of it.

And we all knew it was a lie the moment it was reported.

As we all now know, most “racial incidents” end up being hoaxes. Why? Because the market for American racism is much bigger than the supply. This country is ridiculously not racist, so awful people are reduced to making false accusations to gain a little attention, collect unearned social clout, and pretend to be oppressed.

But the police have now investigated claims made by this 19-year-old Duke University volleyball player named Rachel Richardson, and concluded that what she said happened didn’t happen. That’s a nice way of saying she lied.

Little Miss Oppressed claimed she was serving the ball during the game and this white guy shouted “ni**er!” at her during every serve.

She further claimed this evil white man yelled at her to  “watch her back.”

None of this happened.

Not even a little bit of it.

The cops reviewed a ton of video, interviewed those who sat near and around this innocent man, and it simply didn’t happen.

Nobody (other than those who lied) did anything wrong.

But is the liar being punished?

No word on that.

BYU is, however, punishing the innocent by removing a fan section and there’s no word yet about this innocent man receiving an apology and having that lifetime ban revoked.

The whole thing had Jussie Smollett written all over it from the beginning.

Who screams “ni**er!” at a sporting event?

Who could get away with something so obscene without everyone around him telling him to shut up?

No one does this.

No one’s done this since Democrats did it to Jackie Robinson more than 70 years ago.

I went to high school in the eighties. No one did this then. No would have even considered doing such a thing four whole decades ago. And had they, that person would have paid a price.

Some people are wondering why the police were involved. After all, as obscene as it is, yelling racial slurs is free speech and not a crime. That’s true, but this woman also claimed (falsely) that this guy had threatened her and that is a crime.

What should also be a crime is making false accusations that ruin a person’s life, reputation, livelihood, and good name.

Brigham Young University should be ashamed of itself for punishing an innocent man before the investigation was completed. What sniveling, fascist cowards they are.

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