Nolte: Masked Tim Ryan Holds ‘Town Hall’ with ‘Super Excited’ Crowd of 19

US Senate Race Ohio U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan, a Democrat running for an open U.S. Senate seat in Ohio, tours the South Central Ohio Carpenters' Training Center Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2022, in Columbus, Ohio. (Jay LaPrete/AP)
Jay LaPrete/AP

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate candidate Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), the far-left extremist pretending to be a moderate, wore a mask and informed a throng of 19, “We’re super excited about this race. We are going to win it by more than people think.”

Who is this “we” you speak of, Kemosabe?

Look at the video of this hapless event:

How would you like to be two weeks out of a hotly contested and consequential election and have only 19 people show up at your “town hall”?

Ryan’s opponent, J.D. Vance, jumped all over that video with some Tuesday morning sarcasm.  “I woke up today feeling really good about our campaign,” Vance tweeted. “But then I saw this massive and enthusiastic crowd, addressed by masked Tim Ryan, and realized we could be in trouble.”

What’s with the masks?

Who are these people?

Believe me, there is plenty of room — PLENTY. OF. ROOM. — to spread out and social distance in the vastness of that empty church. In fact, there’s enough room for some touch football, a rave, army maneuvers, and a Kardashian birthday party.

Meanwhile, over at the J.D. Vance campaign


Standing room only!

But it’s all maskless serial killers showing up for Vance… Do serial killers even vote?

According to the RealClearPolitics poll of polls, Vance is only up by two points. Two of the three most recent polls even show the Vance v. Ryan race as tied.

Of course, the fake media historically underestimate Republican turnout in Ohio by seven points, but I think anyone who sees all that masked enthusiasm for Tim Ryan might want to not count their chickens…

Sarcasm aside, Ohioans are not only two weeks out from a United States Senate race that is supposed to be tied, but one that could determine which party controls the United States Senate. And that’s the best Tim Ryan can come up with? Nineteen masked supporters, two of whom look too young to vote in every city but Chicago?

Granted, Vance’s events embedded above were held over the weekend, and Ryan’s church event was on a Tuesday morning. Still. Man.

I wonder, though…

Do these masked people know that the “moderate” Tim Ryan votes with San Francisco’s Nancy Pelosi 100 percent of the time?

Or that “moderate” Tim Ryan would like to “kill” his political enemies?

Or that “moderate” Tim Ryan would like to empty the prisons?

Anyway, I will give Tim Ryan this. The size of that crowd sure has me “super excited.”

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