Exclusive – RNC Recruits More Than 70K Poll Watchers, Workers Ahead of Midterms

Poll workers (left) assist voters (right) waiting in line to cast their ballot during the
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has recruited more than 70,000 poll watchers and poll workers ahead of the midterm elections to “help deliver the election transparency that voters deserve,” Breitbart News exclusively learned.

The poll watchers and poll workers are part of the RNC’s multi-tiered election integrity program and will be deployed across key states during early voting and on election day.

“The RNC’s unprecedented election integrity operation is comprised of tens of thousands of volunteers who are trained to adhere to strict standards of courtesy and respect for election officials and other volunteers,” RNC spokesperson Gates McGavick said. “Our program is designed to help deliver the election transparency that voters deserve while operating strictly within local regulations to observe and report at the ballot box.”

As Breitbart News reported last year, the RNC realized it was time to jump on offense following the 2020 presidential election, “after seeing what the Democrats did in a months-long tumultuous and coordinated push from long before Election Day until weeks afterward filled with mail and absentee voting, drop boxes, a lack of ID and signature matching requirements, all combined with kicking poll watchers out of counting rooms and massive funding surges from leftist big tech moguls like Mark Zuckerberg, who funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into state and local election offices nationwide through popup nonprofits he and his wife established.”

Besides tackling improper voting laws through litigation, the committee fully staffed its structure nationwide with full-time election integrity directors in key states coast to coast. They also provide information to volunteers about how to become a poll worker, although they do not train poll workers themselves.

Overall, the RNC has hired 17 in-state election integrity directors and 37 state-based election integrity counsels in key states. The committee has also conducted 5,000 election integrity trainings, and engaged more than 110,000 unique volunteers nationwide. The RNC is involved in 73 cases of election integrity litigation in 20 states in this election cycle alone.

But as the RNC turns itself into a formidable foe against the Democrat machine, far-left corporate media outlets are already saying the committee’s election integrity efforts “set off alarms.”

For example, CNN reported in June that the RNC’s recruitment efforts “have raised alarms that Republican election deniers could infiltrate official election operations and undermine the process.” Vanity Fair similarly characterized the RNC’s poll watcher initiative as “an apparent effort to undermine the legitimacy of election results.” The Guardian reported in June that the RNC was working to “install people with unfounded doubts about the 2020 election in key positions in voting precincts where they could exert considerable power over elections.”

But left-wing groups are certainly not shy about recruiting friendly volunteers. For example, before the 2020 election, a slew of left-wing activist groups and former and current Democrat politicians, as well as anti-Trump celebrities, athletes, and corporations, teamed up and recruited over 600,000 “healthy, low-risk and diverse poll workers.”

McGavick told Breitbart News in August that those kinds of corporate media claims are evidence that Democrats fear being held accountable in an area where they have been dominant for a long time.

“Republicans are fighting for equal representation for poll watchers and poll workers because polling shows that Americans want bipartisan observation at the ballot box. It speaks volumes that Democrats are so hesitant to provide an even playing field,” he said. 


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