Joe Biden Signals Support for Investigation of Elon Musk Acquiring Twitter: ‘There’s Lots of Ways’

Joe-Biden-Blames-Elon Musk MANDEL NGAN_AFP via Getty Images
MANDEL NGAN_AFP via Getty Images, Hannibal Hanschke/Getty Images, BNN Edit

President Joe Biden suggested Wednesday he was interested in the federal government investigating billionaire Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter.

“I think that Elon Musk’s cooperation and/or technical relationships with other countries is worthy of being looked at,” Biden said during a press conference at the White House on Wednesday.

Biden was asked by a reporter if he was concerned about Musk’s acquisition of Twitter using financing from foreign countries like Saudi Arabia.

“Whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate, I’m not suggesting that,” Biden said. “It warrants being looked at.”

When asked by another reporter how he planned to make it happen, Biden replied, “There’s a lot of ways.”

It is not uncommon for Saudi Arabia to invest in American technology companies, and the Saudis had already invested in Twitter before Musk purchased the social media company.

Democrats have already demanded that Musk be investigated over his deal to purchase Twitter.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) asked the Committee on Foreign Investment earlier this month to investigate “potential national security concerns” of the deal.

Biden has also expressed his frustration with Musk taking control of the social media platform.

“Now what are we all worried about: Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that sends – that spews lies all across the world,” he said at a fundraiser last week.


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