Nolte: Woman Claims NYC Shelter Fired Her for Warnings About Transgender Serial Killer

A New York City caseworker filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired in retaliation for warning a senior shelter about a transgender serial killer.

A New York City caseworker filed a lawsuit claiming she was fired in retaliation for warning a senior shelter about a transgender serial killer.

An 83-year-old man who identifies as a woman, who murdered and dismembered two women, served 50 years in prison, and was recently released into a Manhattan senior shelter.

This guy, who dresses as a woman and self-identifies as a transgender lesbian, uses the name Marceline Harvey (pictured), was eventually allowed to leave the shelter. Now he’s charged with murdering and dismembering another woman.

A caseworker named Monica Archer, who’d been employed at the shelter since 2019, says that she repeatedly tried to warn the shelter about how dangerous this guy was. First, according to her lawsuit, she was demoted to janitorial. Then, after Harvey was released arrested for this alleged murder, Archer was suspended without pay before being fired for insubordination:

The octogenarian ex-con — a transgender woman on lifetime parole after spending 50 years in prison for killing and dismembering two other women — “made constant threats to kill” Archer and other staff members and allegedly kept a gun at the shelter, according to the lawsuit.

Still, bosses continued to allow Harvey to reside there “knowing that she had been accused of and convicted of several murders, allegedly possessed a gun, and regularly threatened to kill staff members.”

Archer felt so threatened that she took alternative routes to go home from work after she said Harvey had tried to follow her on a few occasions, the suit states.

“To the detriment of the public,” the lawsuit reads, “when Ms. Harvey was placed into society in her own apartment, Ms. Harvey allegedly murdered a former resident no more than a week later[.]”

Assuming the lawsuit is accurate, we all know what happened here.

First off, as much as I believe in second chances, releasing a man capable of murdering and dismembering two people, is insane. People who prove they have the ability to murder in cold blood?

They need to serve life or face the death penalty.

Secondly, does anyone doubt Harvey was treated as a precious because he runs around dressed as a woman? Think about this… In an ordinary situation, would a man who murdered and dismembered two people be released from a shelter after a caseworker warned the facility of his threats and behavior? Normally, those threats would trigger the revocation of his parole.

This is what makes this trans madness so dangerous. Society is being bullied to ignore what is without question a serious and tragic mental illness. Instead of it treating gender dysphoria medically, we are pretending it’s a cool trend. Usually, the victims of this “cool trend” are the transsexuals who are coddled instead of treated, who are physically and mentally destroyed by irreversible hormone therapies and surgical mutilations. But in this case, according to this suit and the criminal charges, the victim of this coddling, peer pressure, and looking the other way, was an innocent 68-year-old woman who is now dead, and a caseworker who had the courage not to look the other way.

Why anyone would live in a Democrat-run city is beyond me.


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