University of Indiana Medical Students Get ‘Sex and Gender Primer’ for Basic Human Structure Class

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First-year medical students at the University of Indiana received a “sex and gender primer” as part of a class on basic human structure.

As part of an effort to be “more inclusive” to “gender diverse patients,” the students training to become doctors were told that gender is a “social construct.”

Students learn how to “compare and contrast the terms sex and gender” because “not everyone fits” into “established binarized sex as male/female.”

According to the PowerPoint presentation, “man” and “woman” are merely “common gender types” but are ultimately “oversimplifications” and part of a “continuum.”

Being told to use improper pronouns because “language is foundational to transgender and non-binary inclusiveness” from the age of four to adulthood, students are taught a timeline for how to treat persons with “a difference of sex development.”

“Inclusive language affirms and validates trans and non-binary identities,” it says.

The chairman of the medical advocacy group Do No Harm, Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, told Fox News, “It’s dangerous for one major reason, and that is that these kinds of ideas are very controversial amongst Americans, and to have a medical world pick one side.”

Goldfarb warned that patients are going to “have less trust in their physicians” when they know they are being taught this sort of ideology.

“The notion about the relationship between gender and sex is an incredibly controversial area, and it ought to be taught, if it’s taught at all, as an incredibly controversial area in a very objective way to students,” he continued. “It shouldn’t be taught in a way that’s trying to indoctrinate students.”

“It’s a big mistake to sort of indoctrinate medical students into these ideas that children should be exposed to this so-called transition, either social transition or actual gender transition,” Goldfarb concluded.

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