Poll: Majority Believe Biden Family Received Millions from Chinese Government-Linked Sources 

President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden leave Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Johns Is
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A majority of registered voters believe President Joe Biden’s family received millions of dollars from Chinese government-linked sources, a Wednesday Harvard Caps/Harris poll found.

On April 17, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) announced that a total of nine Biden family members may have profited from the family’s international business schemes, six more than previously disclosed. Those currently identified on the payroll are Hunter Biden, James Biden, Hallie Biden — and a fourth unidentified Biden.

Collectively, the identified Biden family members have received $1.3 million from a Biden associate, who was wired $3 million from a Chinese energy company two months after Joe Biden left the vice presidency.

The poll asked respondents, “Do you think the Biden family received millions of dollars from sources related to the Chinese government or is that a false story?”

Overall, 56 percent said the Biden family did receive money from sources linked to the Chinese government, while 44 percent said it did not receive money.

The majority of independent voters (55 percent) believe the Biden family received funds. Forty-five percent said it did not.

Among Democrats, 68 percent said it was a “false story.” Thirty-two percent said the Biden family received funds tied to the Chinese government.

Republicans overwhelmingly (81 percent) believe the Biden family received the funds. Nineteen percent do not believe the story.

On Tuesday, Breitbart News requested a comment on who the nine family members might be who received millions, but a spokesperson for the committee declined to reveal their identities. The committee did not give a time frame for the reveal that it says is coming eventually.

While the committee has been extremely active behind the scenes, gathering information about the business dealings of the president’s family members, it has not disclosed much of these details yet. Moreover, it remains to be seen if the committee intends to have public hearings with these Biden family members testifying or other public hearings with other witnesses, including the several people the committee says are cooperating from inside the Biden business — or if the committee will release any reports on its findings.

The poll also asked respondents, “Have you recently heard or not heard anything about the banking transactions of the Biden family?”

Fifty-six percent said they have not heard anything about the banking transactions. Forty-four percent said they had heard.

In addition, the poll asked respondents if “Joe Biden participated in his son’s business deals or did Biden does not he never discuss them with his son?”

Fifty-seven percent said Joe Biden did participate, down from 62 percent in February.

The survey sampled 1,845 registered voters from April 18-19. The margin of error was not provided.

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