Biden Mega-Donor Reid Hoffman Admits to Visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s Island

Jeffrey Epstein's former home on the island of Little St. James in the U.S. Virgi
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LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, a mega-donor to President Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, is admitting that he once visited convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, named “Little Saint James” but more commonly referred to as “Pedophile Island.”

An exclusive report from the Wall Street Journal reveals a number of high-profile, wealthy executives, entertainment heads, socialites, and political figures who had interactions with Epstein, who was infamously found dead in a Manhattan jail cell in August 2019 after reportedly hanging himself.

In particular, the Journal details Hoffman’s relationship with Epstein, revealing that he visited Epstein Island and later was scheduled to stay overnight at Epstein’s Upper East Side townhouse in December 2014.

Hoffman, worth $2.1 billion, said his last interaction with Epstein was in 2015 when he invited the convicted sex offender to a dinner in Palo Alto, California with other Big Tech executives.

The Journal reports:

The documents reveal that Epstein had plans for Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Ito to visit his private island in March 2014 and in November 2014. On the second date, Epstein planned to travel with both men from Palm Beach to the island for a weekend and then fly together to Boston. [Emphasis added]

When the venture capitalist had a flight scheduled to land late at night in New York on Dec. 4, 2014, Epstein arranged for Mr. Hoffman to stay overnight in his townhouse, the documents show. The following morning, Mr. Hoffman was scheduled to attend a “breakfast party” with Epstein, Mr. Gates and others, according to the documents. [Emphasis added]

Hoffman told the Journal he visited Epstein Island for a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) fundraising trip but apologized for ever meeting with Epstein.

“It gnaws at me that, by lending my association, I helped his reputation, and thus delayed justice for his survivors,” Hoffman told the Journal. “While I relied on MIT’s endorsement, ultimately I made the mistake and I am sorry for my personal misjudgment.”

As Breitbart News most recently reported, Hoffman visited Biden’s White House a few weeks ago and has pledged to help re-elect the president by throwing fundraisers for him. In the 2020 presidential election, Hoffman served as one of Biden’s biggest billionaire donors.

Specifically, Hoffman spent $7 million, alone, on boosting pro-Biden political action committees (PACs) in 2020 and on ads opposing then-President Trump. Between Hoffman and his wife, Michelle Yee, the pair donated close to half a million dollars to Biden’s campaign and two joint-fundraising committees supporting Biden.

When Epstein reportedly committed suicide, he was being charged with sex trafficking crimes where prosecutors alleged that he and his associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, flew teenage girls to Epstein Island, his Palm Beach, Florida residence, his Manhattan townhouse, and his New Mexico ranch for sex.

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