Wikipedia Co-Founder Larry Sanger Says Site Hijacked by Intelligence Agencies for ‘Information Warfare’

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Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says the site has been hijacked by U.S. intelligence agencies for “information warfare” on the internet.

Sanger told investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald in a recent interview that in around 2010 to 2015 he noticed Wikipedia articles become “obviously biased,” and that “it really got over the top” between 2013 and 2018.

The Wikipedia co-founder claimed that “no encyclopedia to my knowledge has been as biased as Wikipedia has been” by the time President Donald Trump took office. Sanger has been a consistent critic of the site’s extreme left-wing bias.

Larry Sanger on Tucker Carlson

Larry Sanger on Tucker Carlson (Fox News)


Sanger added that “the deeper deeper explanation” to all of this is that “the left very, very deliberately seeks out to take control.”

“It’s the establishment, and they have their own agenda,” he said. “It’s clear that between 2005 and 2015, [Wikipedia] was on their radar, Wikipedia moved on to the establishment’s radar, and of course, we do have evidence that CIA — and the FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia.”

“Do you think they stopped doing that back then? No,” Sanger added.

The Wikipedia co-founder went on to say that it’s “not just them, we know that intelligence now, a great part of intelligence — information warfare is conducted online, and where, if not on websites like Wikipedia?”

“They pay off the most influential people to push their agendas — which they’re already mostly in line with — or they just develop their own talent within the community, learn the Wikipedia game, and then push what they want to say with their own people,” Sanger concluded.


“You shouldn’t be able to tell whether an article was written by a Democrat or a Republican,” Sanger affirmed. “Generally speaking, you should present the information that a person would need in order to make up his own mind about issues of controversy.”

“Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way,” the Wikipedia co-founder lamented.

Sanger has long accused U.S. intelligence agencies of manipulating the Wikipedia.

In 2021, Sanger told Tucker Carlson that he is embarrassed by the site he helped create.

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