Trump Mocks ‘Pro-Union’ Biden: ‘His Entire Career Has Been an Act of Economic Treason, Union Destruction’

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Former President Donald Trump mocked President Joe Biden during a speech to auto workers in Macomb County, Michigan, for declaring himself the “most pro-union president” in American history despite a record of supporting job-killing free trade.

“For decades, you’ve watched rotten and crooked politicians like Biden treat American jobs as disposable and American workers as expendable,” Trump said. “They sat back and got rich by taking bribes and letting other countries rape and pillage our jobs and our wealth.”

“Joe Biden claims to be the most pro-union president in history. Nonsense. His entire career has been an act of economic treason and union destruction,” Trump continued. “He’s destroyed unions, shipping millions of American jobs overseas while personally taking money from foreign nations, hand over fist. Look at the money he got from China.”

Trump made a point to call out Biden’s record of backing free trade deals, including those that helped send millions of Americans’ jobs overseas:

He backed NAFTA, he backed China’s entering the World Trade Organization, he backed the horrendous Trans-Pacific Partnership which would have destroyed the American auto industry had I not stopped it … Biden also backed a gentleman by the name of Barack Hussein Obama and his atrocious Korean trade deal.

“Joe Biden has backed every single blood-sucking globalist attack on U.S. auto workers,” he continued before asking for the endorsement of the United Auto Workers (UAW) members, who are currently striking against General Motors (GM), Ford, and Stellantis.

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