‘I Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: California Sheriff Accuses Target of Blocking Deputies from Catching Shoplifters

target scandal
Bing Guan/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Sacramento County Sheriff Jim Cooper is frustrated with local Target leadership regarding shoplifting incidents in the California store, Fox Business reported Sunday.

In a social media post Thursday, Cooper wrote, “I can’t make this stuff up.” He said his agency’s Property Crimes detectives and a sergeant were contacted by Target to assist with the problem.

The shoplifters, Cooper explained, are known transients in the area. He said authorities coordinated with store leadership to address the issue.

“At the briefing, we were told by their head of regional security that we could not contact suspects inside the store; we could not handcuff suspects in the store; and if we arrested someone, they wanted us to procees them outside… behind the store… in the rain,” he stated.

Officers were apparently informed the store did not want to create a scene inside the building for fear it might end up on social media.

He also noted the company did not want negative press.

According to Cooper, deputies watched a woman on video grabbing body washes from the shelves before going to customer service to return them.

He said Target did not do anything about it, adding that somehow, locking up items and increasing prices is the company’s solution.

“We don’t tell big retail how to do their jobs, they shouldn’t tell us how to do ours,” he concluded.

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on Cooper’s post.

“The positive PR that would come from filmed shoplifter arrests inside Target — and all other stores, for that matter — would be overwhelming. Citizens are tired of watching their state go into the toilet,” one person commented.

“Thank you for sharing this, Sheriff. Sadly, as you pointed out, everyone pays more because of this. Ignoring the rule of law serves no one — everyone loses,” someone else said.

It is important to note that Target is shutting down nine stores in four states due to organized retail theft that puts workers and customers in danger, Breitbart News reported September 28.

“All nine stores are in Democrat-run cities,” the outlet said.

Some Targets are locking up their items due to rampant shoplifting, and the move has frustrated customers who are forced to wait for an employee to retrieve an item from cases.


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