Axelrod: Biden ‘Eager to’ Tout Ceasefire to Appease Left

During CNN’s coverage of the Michigan primaries on Tuesday, CNN Senior Political Commentator and former Obama Adviser David Axelrod stated that President Joe Biden “was eager to say yesterday” that “he thought that a ceasefire was within reach” in part because he’s afraid of losing voters.

Axelrod said, “Michigan is going to be very, very close. It’s going to be a marginal race, and so it matters if people are expressing themselves in ways that might suggest they’re going to walk away. I’d caution however [against] drawing too much of a point on this because we’re eight months away from this election, and it’s one thing to register your discontent with the President in a primary, it’s another thing in a race against Donald Trump. And Gov. Whitmer (D) was on with Dana on Sunday, and she pointed out that Donald Trump’s relationship with the Arab American community, with the Muslim community is pretty checkered, and that people are going to have to think about that choice. She said a vote for uncommitted today is a vote for Donald Trump.”

He continued, “Obviously, there were a fair number of people who wanted to make that vote. And I would also stress, we saw the Ann Arbor vote, this is an issue not just with the Arab American community, but it’s an issue with younger voters, which is a problem nationally for Biden, motivating these younger voters, and some African American voters. So, I think this is clearly an issue. I think it’s one of the reasons why he was eager to say yesterday, he thought that a ceasefire was within reach.”

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