Taylor Lorenz

Taylor Lorenz, WaPo Blasted for Repeated Unacknowledged Errors in Reporting

Taylor Lorenz, the establishment media journalist known for doxing teenagers and anonymous meme accounts and literally crying because of the ensuing backlash, is under fire for repeated errors in reporting which she refuses to acknowledge. The Washington Post, which published Lorenz’s shoddy reporting, is also under attack by Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey for publishing and then deleting false claims about him.

Taylor Lorenz

Internet Archive Censors Itself to Protect Crybully Taylor Lorenz

The Internet Archive is the product of seeming noble goals: to provide a free, online archive of all publicly available information. Its stated mission, per its About page, is “Universal Access to All Knowledge.” Like many Silicon Valley entities, however, the ideals of the Internet Archive end when a mainstream leftist journalist like infamous crybully Taylor Lorenz feels uncomfortable.