Survey: Nearly 60% of Biden Voters Confused About Basic Biology

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Nearly 60 percent of President Joe Biden’s supporters do not subscribe to the biological reality of male and female, a new Pew Research Center survey found.

Fifty-nine percent of Biden voters say “whether a person is a man or a woman can be different from sex assigned at birth,” compared to 39 percent who say “gender” is “determined by sex assigned at birth.”

Broken down by subgroups, Biden supporters without college degrees (47 percent) are more likely than those with degrees (30 percent) to believe in biological reality, according to the poll. In contrast, only 29 percent of young Biden voters under 35 believe sex is immutable.

“Nearly two-thirds of Black voters who support Biden (64 percent) say gender is determined by a person’s sex assigned at birth. That compares with 46 percent of Biden’s Hispanic supporters and smaller shares of his White (32 percent) and Asian supporters (27 percent),” according to the survey report. 

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are astoundingly more likely to believe in the unchanging reality of male and female, the poll found. Ninety percent of Trump voters believe human beings are born male and female, and they reject the delusion that one can become or identify as the opposite sex.

“However, there are some differences among these voters. Hispanic Trump supporters (79 percent) are less likely than White Trump supporters (92 percent) to say sex birth determines gender identity, and Trump supporters ages 18 to 34 (83 percent) are less likely to say this than older Trump supporters,” the survey found. 

Pew Research additionally found that Biden supporters “are more than three times as likely as Trump supporters to say they are comfortable with the use of ‘they/them’ pronouns (66 percent to 20 percent).”

Ultimately, Trump voters are on the winning side of the cultural conversation, with 65 percent of overall respondents believing in biological reality — up from 53 percent in 2017.

Both Republicans and Republican-leaners, as well as Democrats and Democrat-leaners, are increasingly believing the reality of male and female, the survey found. 

“The share of Republican and Republican-leaning voters who say that sex at birth determines gender identity has grown from 79 percent in 2017 to 91 percent now,” according to the poll report. “In the same period, the share of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters who say this has increased, from 30 percent to 39 percent.”

The survey was conducted between April 8 and 14, 2024, with 8,709 respondents. The margin of error is ± 1.5 percentage points.

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X @thekat_hamilton.


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