Exclusive — Biden Lawfare Victim: Political Prosecution of Ordinary Citizens Is Already Happening; It’s Why Trump Must Win in 2024

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News

The radical left is already targeting regular Americans — not just former President Donald Trump — and that is why he must win in 2024, Joeylynn Mesaros told Breitbart News at the Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit (YWLS).

Mesaros is a Texas mom who became an outspoken advocate for free speech after becoming a victim of lawfare at the hands of the Biden campaign. She told Breitbart News her story, as she says her family has faced years of lawfare at the hands of the Biden officials.

“I think the majority of the American people don’t believe that what’s happening with Trump could happen to them, but I’m here to say not only is it already happening to regular people, it’s been happening to me for almost four years,” she said.

“I’m a homeschool mom here in New Braunfels, Texas. And I’m getting sued by Biden’s White House officials for flying Trump flags next to the Biden bus when it drove through Texas in 2020,” she said, explaining that there are “zero criminal charges.”

“What’s so crazy about this is they’re suing us for emotional damage and wanting financial compensation for our exercise of free speech,” she said, explaining that in 2020, she actually was not sure who she would vote for. But she was shocked to be called names by her friend after telling her she was likely going to vote for Trump.

“We had noticed the Trump trains, which were essentially a parade of vehicles that would drive around and 2020 getting really excited about the presidential election coming up. … We thought that might be a great place to make new friends, and we had only been participating in the parades for about three weeks when the Biden-Harris campaign bus drove through New Braunfels, and we thought it would be fun to drive next to them and show our support for President Trump,” she said, adding, “We could have never imagined that our lives would change forever.”

“When I realized I had a constitutional right to free speech and that they were infringing on it, which I did not know until I got sued and a neighbor told me this is free speech how can they do this? And I thought to myself, ‘What does that mean?” she said, explaining that the lawsuit drove her to learn more about the founding documents and the fundamental rights we have as Americans.

“I saw what our founding fathers wanted to guarantee for us, because they couldn’t predict the future. They had lived in tyranny. They’d seen what happens when the wrong people are in charge. And so I’m here thinking, ‘Oh, we have to fight. We’re Christians. We’re full of faith.’ … We are weak right now because we’re under attack. And so God has to be the one to bring the truth and a victory,” she said, explaining that her family cashed out their 401k to retain an attorney “because nobody was willing to pro bono offer their services because they advised this was lawfare” and that the process itself would be their punishment.

“The intent would be that the process is the punishment and that we wouldn’t be able to afford an attorney because it would last for years, and they have not been wrong. We’ve been in this for four years, and it has been the result of fundraising with the help of average Americans and grassroots efforts we’ve even been able to stay in the game this far,” she said.

In other words, Mesaros said she and her family have been experiencing lawfare that started before it was a popular term.

“I learned about lawfare, you know, in 2021, when we started asking these First Amendment rights nonprofits for help, or our elected officials, and they kept saying, ‘This is lawfare, this is lawfare.’ I’m like, ‘What does that mean?’ I know very well now,” she said.

“It’s a tool that the left is using to silence Americans, to intimidate their political opponents, to chill free speech, and to interfere with the elections, and we’ve seen that from so many different angles in the impeachment trial with President Trump,” she said.

“They dragged us through saying that he incited us as a precursor to the insurrection at January 6, right? Mislabeling that, and then in the 14th Amendment, hearing the same expert witnesses that they’ve hired to portray us as political extremists, domestic terrorists, Christian nationalists, are the same people testifying that Trump’s not fit to be on the ballot in these hearings, and so you can see how they intricately weave this narrative together and we’re just collateral damage,” she said, emphasizing the importance of fighting back, despite what the left throws their way.

“We’ve been assigned a gag order. So there are details of this case we’re not able to share that I think the people need to know, so we’re fighting the gag order. But I think one interesting component of this whole lawsuit was a piece of discovery that was turned over in litigation that is a video from inside the bus and that tells the truth,” she added, explaining that this is why it is crucial that Trump wins in 2024.

“Kari Lake was telling Charlie Kirk about our story just in conversation, and she finished the thought with the concept: This is why we have to vote. We have to get the right people elected to guarantee our freedoms [so] that we can continue to maintain them,” she said. “They are coming after us, and where is the right to stand up and to push back? We are allowing these things to happen, and we’re not doing our part to protect ourselves or to link shields with one another when somebody is attacked. We’ve seen time and time again that friends or family are, you know, quick to say we love you, but we don’t want them to come after us next so good luck,” she said.

“Can you imagine, Hannah, if the Trump administration was suing a Biden supporter for flying a rainbow flag?” she asked, pointing to the great hypocrisy of the left.

“The reality is that it’s a free speech matter. It spans both sides of the aisle. They come for us first. They come for everyone else next, so the left that’s cheering this on and championing this attack on free speech because they don’t like how we express it or who we support, they lack the ability to see how it will soon affect them,” she added.

WATCH the full interview below: Biden Lawfare Victim: Political Persecution of Ordinary Citizens Is Why Trump Must Win in 2024

Jack Knudsen / Breitbart News


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