California Mom Arrested for Allegedly Hosting Teen Sex Parties

Shannon O'Connor is accused of hosting wild parties and helping drunk teenage boys sexually assault girls in California. Ada County Sheriff's Office
Ada County Sheriff's Office

A 47-year-old mom from California has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of child abuse and sexual assault for allegedly hosting a series of drunken sex parties for underage teenagers.

District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in a statement:

It took a lot of brave children to come forward and to untangle this deeply disturbing case. As a parent, I’m shocked. As the DA, I’m determined to hold those adults who endanger children fully accountable to the law and our community.

According to court documents, Shannon O’Connor routinely supplied her 15-year-old son and his friends with “excessive amounts of alcohol” to the point that minors “would vomit, be unable to stand, and fall unconscious.” O’Connor would also supply the teens with a steady stream of condoms and would occasionally encourage boys to have sex with unconscious girls. She has been booked in Idaho and will soon be extradited to California where she faces 39 criminal counts, according to the New York Post.

O’Connor’s crimes allegedly occurred over a period of eight months in 2020 and 2021, a scheme she kept secret through acts of intimidation, often threatening to spread rumors about any of the kids if they were to come forward or tell authorities. From the Santa Clara District Attorney’s office:

At one party at her home, O’Connor handed a underaged teenager a condom and pushed him into a room with an intoxicated minor.

During a New Year’s Eve party at her home with about five 14-year-olds, the defendant watched and laughed as a drunk teen sexually battered a young girl in bed.

In another case, the defendant brought one drunk teen into a bedroom at her home where an intoxicated 14-year-old girl was lying in the bed. After she was assaulted, the girl said to the defendant: “Why did you leave me in there with him?  Like why did you like do that?  Like you knew like what he was going to do me.”

Other times, O’Connor would invite teens over to her home via Snapchat where they would often drink alcohol that she provided.

In one particularly harrowing incident, O’Connor allegedly allowed an intoxicated minor to drive her SUV in the high school parking lot while two other teens held on in the back. One fell off, hit his head on the concrete, and temporarily laid unconscious.

As an administrative assistant for Aruba Networks, O’Connor also allegedly made up to $120,000 in fraudulent charges on her company credit card.


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