Andrea Tantaros: 2016 Election ‘Is Going to Be Fought on the Culture’ Where ‘Battle Lines Are Drawn and the Real Wars Are Won’


“If you look at this election, this isn’t going to be an election about Obamacare; it’s not going to be an election about ISIS; it’s going to be fought on the culture,” Tied Up In Knots author Andrea Tantaros told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday’s edition of the show on SiriusXM.

Tantaros noted that her book is not an “I hate you feminist” book. She gave great credit to the early feminists that “pushed for equal rights” that allow her to do the work she is doing today.

“The problem is we don’t talk about the downside in an honest way,” said Tantaros, explaining, “Conservatives don’t show up to the culture wars like Breitbart does. And Andrew Breitbart, he knew this instinctively. The culture is [where] the battle lines are drawn and the real wars are won. If you look at this election, this isn’t going to be an election about Obamacare, it’s not going to be an election about ISIS, it’s going to be fought on the culture, in the culture.”

As for the Democrat Party, Tantaros said, “your listeners know this better than anybody, it used to be the [party of the] working man, it used to be the party of unions, right? That is all gone. You see that voting bloc breaking with Trump and breaking with Sanders, especially last night. So where do Democrats go? They go to the social issues. They go to the culture.”

Voters in Nebraska and West Virginia’s primary elections chose Donald Trump as their winning candidate in Tuesday’s Republican primary elections. Trump won over 61.4 percent of the Republican primary vote in Nebraska and 77 percent in West Virginia. At the same time 51.4 percent of voters in West Virginia sided with Sanders as their Democratic Party winner over frontrunner Hillary Clinton who garnered a mere 35.8 percent.

Tantaros keyed in on the gender-laden culture wars being fought in the public arena.

“Last election, it was birth control and women’s issues. Now it’s bathrooms. Everything is about women and men — transgender, birth control, all the abortion. Everything is about women and men, and this is shaping up to be a battle of the sexes… Everything is taking place in the culture, which is where I squarely placed myself in this book because women and men, whether you’re right or left, you’re going to have natural biological wiring.”

“There’s gender roles, there’s realities about men and women. We are equal, and I’m glad that we have equal rights, but we’re not the same and that was a big miscalculation of feminists.”

Later in the interview Tantaros noted that we can see this “gender war” taking shape in the 2016 presidential election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The men voters who have “checked out of society” are also struggling economically. “These are the Trump voters,” she said. “These are the Sanders voters that are eventually I think going to move over to Trump’s side. So, you’re seeing the effects of feminism playing out in a presidential election because the men are fighting back with a vote for Trump — finally a candidate that they feel actually speaks for them, speaks up for them.”

On the other side, Tantaros said, “You have Hillary Clinton, whose campaign is frankly unraveling, hoping that she can play the woman card, rally women while Trump plays the man card and challenges her on her accusations that he’s a misogynist with Bill Clinton as her husband. So, this is a war of the sexes that is shaping up.”

The full title of Tantaros’ book is Tied Up in Knots: How Getting What We Wanted Made Women Miserable.

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Listen to Tantaros’ full interview below:

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