Four Centuries After His Death, Cervantes Intrigues And Enchants

He is best known for “Don Quixote”, but the eventful life of Spain’s revered author Miguel de Cervantes was just as intriguing as any adventures of the delusional wanna-be knight of his famous novel. Cervantes — whose death on April


Secular Movement Fostered by Political Class Is Subverting Our Values

Secularism has succeeded in subverting the concept of separation of church and state until it no longer bears any resemblance to its original intent (preventing the establishment of a state religion). Instead, it is now used to stamp out any public expression of faith.

Obama speaks during a town hall meeting on college accessibility on September 14, 2015 at North High School in Des Moines, Iowa. AFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read

No Assimilation Needed in U.S., Obama Tells Millions of Migrants

Foreigners who want to become U.S. citizens don’t have to change their attitudes or beliefs, President Barack Obama said in a new video. Neither Obama’s speech, not the accompanying website, suggest that new citizens should be proud of their new nation’s culture and history

Jerzy Strzelecki/Wikimedia commons

Govt Vows to Protect Middle Eastern Artefacts from Islamic Destruction

As the Islamic State rampages across the Middle East, destroying lives, killing off Christian communities, and smashing ancient cultural artefacts, the British government has vowed to act – by finally ratifying a Convention to protect those artefacts, 61 years after it