John Guandolo: ‘Yes, We Are at War with Islam’

Islamic State fighters

Former FBI counter-terrorism trainer John Guandolo joined SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily to talk about Islam and the terror attack in Nice, France.

Guandolo said there were “two huge things” to consider about the massacre in Nice. First, “we’ve got the response across the board in Europe by these so-called Muslim reformist groups who still won’t speak the truth. That’s part of an information campaign. Really, from a military perspective, it’s information warfare.”

“And then you’ve got the leaders in the West, who continue to make comments like, ‘This has nothing to do with Islam,’” he continued. “This is what the religion teaches. I wrote an article last night. We have examples, and I put one in the article that’s an imam in Boston, Massachusetts, saying, you know, ‘You’re required. You take the gun. You take the shovel. You take the knife. You take whatever you have to use.’”

“This kind of behavior, ‘vehicular jihad,’ is not new,” he pointed out, adding:

We’ve seen it in the United States. We’ve seen it in Fremont, California, in San Francisco, the Pakistani Muslim killing one and injuring 14 several years ago. We saw it at the University of North Carolina, when a guy named Taheri Azar, who’s an Iranian Muslim, plowed through a crowd of students and said he did it for Islam. We saw a Muslim woman in Las Vegas, in December of 2015, plow through a crowd of people.

“They all had the same things in common,” Guandolo said. Elaborating, he stated, “Number one, they were all Muslim, and they plowed over people. Number two, they were heard by witnesses saying ‘Allahu akbar.’ And Number three, in each case, they were called mentally unstable, by the media and their families, to try and write it off.”

“And in most cases, the case of Las Vegas, they’re still not sure what to call it,” he observed, continuing:

In the case of UNC, they refused to call it terrorism, and students were protesting because of their refusal. And in the case of San Francisco, they never did call it terrorism because we don’t realize that this is jihad. This is lawful under the law of jihad, under Islamic law.

Guandolo noted that the first war America fought, after the Revolution, was against “Muslims who were raiding our ships and capturing our citizens, on the high seas – waging jihad, as was reported by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams in the communications secured in the Library of Congress.”

“So yes, we are engaging, and we are at war with Islam,” he asserted, comparing protestations to the contrary by Western leaders to someone who refuses to admit they are in a fight after getting repeatedly punched in the nose by an assailant on the street. “Yeah, we’re in a war. Are we waging the war? Are we actually engaged in the war, where they are engaging us? No, we are not.”

He warned against the politically correct tendency to dismiss all terrorism as an utter perversion of Islamic teaching, urging Western leaders to understand that “in Islamic schools, in mosques, in the United States specifically, but also in Europe,” Islamic law and violent jihad are being taught.

“As Mrs. Clinton said, or as some Western leaders said, in the last 12 hours, that we can’t condemn an entire group of people based on the actions of a few. Well, we don’t need to. All you’ve got to do is read what sharia says, and it is absolutely lawful for that Muslim, who did what he did in Nice, France, to do it,” Guandolo said. “That’s lawful in Islam. That’s what you need. It’s lawful what these guys are doing, when they behead children and put their heads on stakes, and line playground roads with it. That’s lawful.”

“What we’re seeing is all lawful under Islam,” he stressed, adding:

So it is relevant, and yes, we are at war, and the war is coming in much greater degree here, but it’s already here. It’s been here because we don’t know it, when a guy goes after a New York police officer with an axe, or a guy with a machete goes into a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, or a guy at the University of North Carolina, as Taheri Azar did in 2006 and plows his car into a group of students – yelling “Allahu akbar,” and said he did it because Islam requires him to do it.

“These are all acts of jihad, and they’ve been going on in this country, and our law enforcement doesn’t know it, because they’re not being trained,” Guandolo warned, then stated:

They’re being told by the Department of Justice this has nothing to do with Islam. We are now at an absolutely critical point, this very day, to make a decision whether we’re going to fight for the Republic, and defend our founding principles and the rule of law in this country, or whether we’re not.

“We’re at war. We certainly are. Whether we’re going to fight it, and win it, and utterly destroy the enemy is another question,” he said.

“What is victory?” he asked. He explained:

You can’t do victory based on what we want it to be. You have to look at what sharia says, and sharia says for them to stop doing what they’re doing, you have got to utterly defeat them. They have to feel so utterly defeated; then they are required under sharia to stop waging the war. But so long as they have the ability, and they have the material strength to do so, and to command, to wage jihad until the entire world is under Islamic rule – and there is no other version of Islam that says anything different.

Guandolo recommended reading the article recently re-published at his website,, in which he asks, “Where is the mystical, peaceful version of Islam taught?”

His answer was, “Nowhere that Islam is taught.”

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