Michael Savage: Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Are ‘the Backbone of America,’ But Bill Clinton ‘Gutted Their Jobs, Deported Their Factories to China for Profit’


Talk-radio icon Dr. Michael Savage, author of the new book Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama, was a guest on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM with Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.

Savage’s take on the current state of the presidential race began with his observation that “Grandma’s slip-and-fall certainly has awakened people to the fact that she’s a sick candidate.”

“We’re not so much worried about her illness, whatever it may be, although that certainly is an issue,” he said. “We’re worried about her social sickness, her desire to do worse than Obama has done. I mean, he brought in 10,000 Syrian Muslims, or such? She wants to quadruple that. Why? What is in it for this country? Does anyone have an answer for that?”


Savage continued:

So let’s say I’m an immigrant’s son, which I am. I’m probably the only person in major media who actually had an immigrant father. Great. What does that make me? I have one foot in the immigrant world and one foot in the nativist world, so I can see both sides. I know what it’s like to be poor, speak a foreign language, not fit in, feel uncomfortable, et cetera. It didn’t stop me from fighting every day of my life to achieve success. I never hated America. I wanted to be America.

So, how did we go from wanting to be America, to hating America, while taking its money? The answer, my friends, is not in the tea leaves. It’s in Barack Obama and the entire illegitimate leftist prog establishment.

Savage zeroed in on the very practical matter of “immigrants and epidemics”:

Let’s talk about the fact that when the Zika virus was found, primarily in Honduras, I was railing on my radio show, you can stop it from emerging in America. You practice the first rule of epidemiology — my doctorate, by the way, is in epidemiology and human nutrition, from the University of California at Berkeley in 1978. I know the principal rules of epidemiology. The first thing you do is, you find the locus of the epidemic, and you stop it right there.

So, you say, okay, don’t bring in any immigrants, no travelers from Honduras, they may be carrying the Zika virus. Did the CDC do that? Did the NIH do that? No. They are the politicized arm of the Obama Administration, the weaponized arm of the crazy progressive policies of this illegal, crazy Administration. So what did they do? They didn’t stop travel to and from Honduras. In fact they escalated the number of Hondurans being allowed in, under fake asylum claims. And what do we have now? We have a Zika epidemic emerging.

He argued that “just on the basis of rationality, you don’t bring in people who are sick,” but that’s exactly what the Obama Administration has been doing.

“Why? Either because they’re stupid, or because they think only of the illegal alien voter,” Savage said. “That’s all they’re thinking about. They don’t care about the population. In other words, they think that they’re above the zoological order, that what they’re doing to this country, even on the basis of immigrants and epidemics, will never affect them. Really? Well, now we see Grandma claiming that she has — what is it now, pneumonia? Where’d she get the pneumonia all of a sudden, is it exhaustion? Or from hugging one of her illegal aliens? Perhaps she shook Nancy Pelosi’s hand, after Nancy Pelosi washed the feet of one of her immigrants, to show what a Pope she was.”

“The fact of the matter is, prog policies are insane. Liberalism is a mental disorder when carried to this extent,” said Savage, quoting one of his favorite sayings. “Hey, I’m a compassionate man. I give a lot of money to animal groups, to protect animals from unnecessary pain and slaughter. The fact of the matter is, we all have to have compassion for the downtrodden, but not at the expense of the general population. Not at the expense of our own survival. Not at the expense of our own sanity.”

Savage had a question for “cynics” in the audience, who doubt what they hear on Breitbart News Daily or The Savage Nation: “Under Obama, is America not resembling a Third World nation of terror, riots, mobs, and chaos?”

He explained:

Let’s check terror. Have we forgotten Orlando, and San Bernardino, and all the other places that he failed us? Yes, he failed us, and he didn’t even fire the head of the DHS — Mr. Johnson, Jeh Johnson. Any corporation would have fired the man in charge of anti-terror work who permitted these acts to occur, especially when we heard, Alex, that the individuals — let’s look at San Bernardino — who conducted that atrocity, slaughtering innocents, the two wonderful Muslims who did this were on their radar. They were watching them, and they did nothing. Why did they do nothing? What’s that about? And Orlando? You know who did it? They were watching them, and did nothing?

Riots: let’s look at our good friends in Black Lives Matter. Wonderful people, really downtrodden minorities. They gave us Ferguson. They burned half of Baltimore to the ground. Yeah, check riots… What better way to show your love for your neighborhood than to burn it down?

Mobs? Check yes. Chaos? Check yes. So America is becoming a third-world nation under the progs.

Another question Savage posed to skeptics was, “Has our Constitution been trampled by this divisive President? How many different ways can I say ‘Yes?’”

“Have progressive policies and open borders poisoned America? Can we check ‘Yes?’” he continued. “The real question is, are we one bad election away from losing everything? I think yes, because Hillary has said, ‘America wants change!’ Grandma’s been screaming, ‘America wants change!’ From what? From what? Progressive policies? So how’s she gonna change the progressive policies of Barry? Oh, she can make them worse. She’s gonna be more progressive.”

“What sense does this make, for anyone who wants this nation to survive another ten years, to vote for Grandma?” he asked.

As for Donald Trump, Savage described him as a “flawed candidate.” He said he preferred to refer to him only as “the Republican Candidate,” because “the minute I say the T-word, people’s radar goes up — they’ve been so poisoned by the Never Trumpers, who pose as conservatives, that you can’t even say his name.”

“Of course they’re working for Hillary,” he said of the Never Trumpers. “They make believe that they’re not, they claim that they’re purists. The fact of the matter is that we have only one choice now. We’ve got to take it. And then we gotta keep his feet to the fire. We’ve got to try our best to make sure that the group around Trump, should he win – and that’s a long shot – does the right thing, and not stab us in the back, the way Boehner and McConnell did after we put them back in power.”

“That’s why I wrote Scorched Earth, to be honest with you,” Savage explained. “It’s an architectural plan, not only as to what should be done, but what must be done if Trump wins. Because believe me, once they gain power, they’re gonna forget the people who put them in power, and it’s gonna up to us, the people, to make sure they do what we want them to do, the best we can.”

He said he saw some dismaying signs of The Republican Candidate turning in the wrong direction already, such as his tapping of James Woolsey, Bill Clinton’s CIA director, as a senior national security adviser. “Why couldn’t Trump have selected a current military veteran, who had been high up in military intelligence, as his adviser, or General Flynn? Why didn’t he select General Flynn as his CIA adviser? Why Woolsey? Who’s pulling that string?” Savage asked.

“And then the child care message of yesterday, him with his daughter Ivanka — what’s that about, all of a sudden?” he continued. “All of a sudden big government is now Trump’s mantra?”

However, Savage conceded that while he wouldn’t get 80% of what he believes in from a Trump Administration and might have to settle for 50% or less, “that’s better than zero, isn’t it? Or less than zero, which we’d get under Grandma?”

Savage said he was “shocked” to find an article in “the left-wing Salon in April” by Robert Hennelly entitled, “The Talk-Radio Godfather of Trumpmania: What Michael Savage Can Tell Us About America’s White Working Class.”

Savage said:

Yeah, let’s talk about the white working class, where he says ‘the alienation of the party’s elite from a huge portion of its base stems from a deep sense of betrayal, these voters feel, at the hands of Republican politicians they sent to Washington.’

And, he goes on: ‘Just like their Democratic colleagues, these GOP incumbents cashed in on their public service’ — like Hillary! — ‘to make fortunes as lobbyists, doing the bidding of Big Business, and even of foreign interests, pushing global trade deals that dismantled tens of thousands of factories and idled millions.’

‘At the same time, this base of disaffected white males watched as the national government bailed out the banks, squandered the military, abused veterans, built up China, and ran up the national debt in the process.’ Now, this is written by a liberal in Salon, Alex.

So what he’s saying is, this — and I’ll just quote one more line: ‘Long before Trump’s arrival on the scene, it was conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage, the ideological godfather of Trumpism, who galvanized this insurgency. Savage gave it a voice, and a powerful narrative, one that proved extremely helpful…’

So, it goes back to what you say: ‘Years before Trump, Savage had already redefined the nature of the American political landscape, when he blew up the Republican Party establishment’s hold on its working-class base. Trump can come and go, but this insurgency has a depth that can’t be ignored.’

I’ve been quoting him. Here’s a blue-collar liberal who says, ‘I’ve been a long-time listener to Savage.’ That’s what he said. He makes believe he listens, because he wants to hear what the other side has to say. But that’s not why he was listening, this writer. The reason he was listening is, he’s one of the disenfranchised white males who has been pushed aside by the emerging — I don’t know how to put it, the emerging what? Who are these people, who are doing this to America? Why have they crapped on the white male?

Let’s not forget, Alex — this is really emotionally important for me — I call the estranged white male in America, who has been dismissed as garbage, as recently as the other day by Hillary, who called them, or us, ‘deplorables.’ As the son of an immigrant, someone who grew up with a working father, a blue-collar so-to-speak father, who struggled every day of his life, I identify very closely with who I call the ‘Eddies.’

And let me remind the listeners to your great radio show that it was the Eddies — the carpenters, the plumbers, the accountants, the average guy, the Eddies — who put down their tools and defeated Superman in World War II. If it was not for the Eddies, we’d be speaking German or half of us would be lampshades. It was the Eddies who defeated Superman. It’s the Eddies who’s being crapped on right now by Hillary and her verminous supporters.

I feel myself getting angry just thinking about how they disrespect the backbone of America. Forget the heartbeat of America. It’s the backbone of America. Bill Clinton gutted their jobs, deported their factories to China for profit. And what does she want to do now?

“They’re all celebrating, I love how they celebrate, that soon America will no longer be a white majority. Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that a wonderful thing to look forward to, if you want to make it all about race, which is what they seem to be doing?” Savage said, referencing a speech given by President Obama last week in Laos, where he boasted that “by 2050, which is not too far from now, America will no longer be a majority white nation.”

“What is it that they hate about the white male? What is it that they hate so much? Does anyone know?” he asked. “And by the way, while we’re talking about that, how did it work out for South Africa, after the whites were basically thrown out of power? Is it a better nation, or is it more dangerous for all, including black middle class?”

“And speaking of that, I can tell you right now, the black middle class is not voting for Hillary Clinton,” Savage predicted:

They don’t want to empower the thugs in Black Lives Matter. They live around, they ran away from them. Take it from someone who left a slum, nobody wants to be dragged back into the slum, or have slum-dwellers ruling over you, to make it very, very clear. The black middle class is never heard from by the Wolf Blitzers, and the Jake Tappers, and the George Slimeonallofus types.

The black middle class doesn’t like what Obama’s doing to this country. They’ve worked their way out of the slum. They don’t want to be dragged back into it by empowering those people in the Black Lives Matter movement, and the white communist liberals behind it, the George Soroses — he gave them $70 million.

Why would this evil emigre, George Soros, be funding the enemies of America? What is he doing? Do you think he really likes them?

Soros knows, more than we could ever imagine, what crimes he has committed, in my estimation. And what better way to keep the mobs away from your criminal acts than to keep giving them money, to destabilize a society, and make them think that you’re one of them?

It’s practiced here in the Bay Area by the Feinsteins and the Pelosis in my opinion. That’s why they’re all progressives. You think they believe a word of it? This is how they keep the activist mobs off their doorsteps — just by funding them, and distracting them, and sending them down the wrong road.

Savage sized up Trump as someone who “comes from a social liberal background,” but “is probably a fiscal conservative,” on the grounds that even people who “make a little money” tend to be fiscally conservative — “all they’ve got to do is look at their pay stub and suddenly they give up their liberalism on a fiscal level. Who wants to pay more taxes, other than a maniac?”

“Can Trump win? I guess we have to talk about that — well, the illegal aliens, electronic voting, the vermin in the Soros movement who are fighting every state who has voter-ID laws. I don’t know. Who knows what might happen?” he wondered.

“Then if she wins, what’s gonna happen? Will you still be in business?” Savage asked Marlow, who recalled that one of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising emails threatened “Breitbart might not have the right to exist.”

Marlow highlighted a passage on media bias from Scorched Earth, in which Savage lists unpleasant things the Left accuses Vladimir Putin of doing, and then explains how Barack Obama does the same things without facing media criticism.

“Don’t get me started on Putin, and how they’ve demonized him,” Savage responded:

We had a Cold War that went on for 50 years. It was more or less dissipated when Barry became President. And all of a sudden, late in Barry’s regime, about two years ago, they decided to demonize Russia, calling Putin Hitler. She called Putin Hitler a few years ago. Well, that’s great, that’s just what we want now is not a Cold War, but a hot war, maybe a nuclear war. Is that what they want?

Isn’t Putin, and aren’t the Russians, our best allies against Islamic fascism? Of course they are. Why would you demonize the best possible ally that we could have against ISIS, for example. And, by the way, it wasn’t until Russian pilots started bombing ISIS positions that there was any kind of turn in this fake campaign of Obama’s, this ‘Wag the Dog’ fake ISIS campaign. It was only when the Russians started knocking them to hell that we saw, all of a sudden, Mr. Obama was a great war leader.

So I don’t know what this demonization of Russia is about. I’ve speculated on it in a previous book. I think it has almost nothing to do with his policies in Ukraine, and it has a lot to do with his social policies towards a certain demographic, which I’d rather not mention.

It’s very personal to these people. He is the last holdout, if you want to put it that way, for traditional Christian values. I don’t know if people know that. Russia has a very strong Orthodox church, and they’re pretty old-fashioned, if you want to put it that way. And they really don’t approve of certain lifestyles in Russia. They’re pretty harsh on them. And that seems to be some of the animus towards Putin, by the way. It has almost nothing to do with anything else.

Marlow asked Savage to speak to the “war on the individual in American society,” which Savage said was consistent with the drive towards collectivism. He related how a listener who is a college student has told him of history classes that use comic books as textbooks:

It’s shocking, but they’re identical to what was published in Cuba under the Castros. Every comic panel shows an angry white person and a poor repressed person of color who’s being harmed by the white person. This is in an American history class in college, where they’re using comic books to reach the dolts in the school.

I know another young woman who went back to school; she comes home crying every day. She’s a white girl in a college in Santa Monica. Her father is a very heroic Iraq War veteran. Her mother is a nurse in the military, had to be called back in her fifties. So she comes from a Western family, grew up on a ranch, they’re real Americans, they’re like tremendous people.

She said every day she’s berated. The white race is attacked every day in the classroom: whites are bad, whites are evil, whites destroyed the world, whites are destroying the environment, whites are bad for animals. People of color are good, people of color are sensitive.

This is a drumbeat, day and night, day and night, day and night. Can this ever be changed, Alex? This brainwashing, this hatred, that has poured out of the gutters of America, because of the most divisive President ever possible?

He’s the one who did this. Make no mistake about it. This unleashing of hatred didn’t come from nowhere.

So let’s get down to brass tacks: is he the only problem? He’s the main problem. But I call liberalism the philosophy of mental disorder, and I blame it for the disintegration of the cohesion that gave America the backbone to conquer fascism in the Second World War, and also the backbone to outlast the Soviet Union in the Cold War. And I believe that the classical foundations of Western civilization are frankly superior to whatever else is out there.

“Yet I denounce U.S. multinationals like Facebook. Why is he outsourcing tech jobs? Why? Because he’s a greedy, greedy man, and he should be taken down under anti-trust legislation, as far as I’m concerned,” Savage added.

Marlow referenced a chapter in Scorched Earth where Savage accused companies like Facebook, Google, and YouTube of working toward a globalist agenda, working with both major American political parties to undermine American citizens, while using their editorial control over media content to support their political partners.

“Mark Zuckerberg’s company is more powerful than some small countries, by a large margin,” Savage declared:

He’s running a nation; he’s not running a company. He’s become a transnational nation. His presence is stronger than that of most African nations. ‘Great, good for him. I thought we live in a free market. Shouldn’t people be allowed to do what they want to do in business and survive?’ I hear that from people who don’t understand that our nation has anti-trust legislation, and it was established to prevent monopolies from emerging and crushing competition.

And Alex, remember the populist, Teddy Roosevelt, one of his campaign slogans was ‘Bust the Trusts.’ He swore that when he became President that he would break up Standard Oil. He’d break up the railroads under Rockefeller, because he controlled all the railroads in America. He wanted competition — that’s the cornerstone of free-market capitalism.

Yet, the anti-trust division of Barack Obama has not been activated against Facebook, Google, and the other monopolies of our time. Why? Because they support him and his prog policies. They’re mini-fascist states that crush opposition viewpoints, censoring you on Facebook, and so on.

And yet, there is an anti-trust division, specifically to stop this from happening. No corporation can be permitted to become this powerful; they’ll start to control the population.

Savage said he would advise a President Trump to “reactivate the anti-trust division of the Justice Department and break up these monopolies, and permit competition to emerge.”

Marlow noted that Savage has described Scorched Earth as his “last political salvo.” Savage agreed he has described it to fans of his radio show as his last political book. He anticipated it would debut in the top five nonfiction hardcover bestsellers, noting that he was not using any traditional TV outlets, even Fox News, to promote the book.

“It’s astonishing how blacklisted I am, and people still go into the bookstores and buy my books,” he said.

He said he was inclined to retire from book writing after Scorched Earth because he felt he had done his duty, in a writing career that reached back to the early Seventies. “I’ve done it, I don’t want to do it again. Let someone else do it,” he said. “I believe in competition. There’s plenty of people out there who are able to do it.”

“What I want to do is, I want to write about God. I don’t have a lot of years I can consider myself to be this functional, great in my ability to communicate, and I really have an obligation to do what’s really under the surface of it all,” Savage said.

“I’m not a particularly religious man. I’m not going to pound the Bible and suddenly do a Glenn Beck on you,” he promised. “I don’t have a church behind me or a synagogue behind me. But I believe that God’s hand has given me what I have, despite all obstacles, all the impediments that were put in my way. I have an obligation to spread some core beliefs I have in another way, and that’s what I want to do. I can’t do everything. I can’t do a political book and God book. I want to do a God book.”

“If Trump wins, what am I going to write about, how bad Trump is? He didn’t do what he said he would do? If Hillary wins, I think it’s gonna take more than a book to save ourselves. Let’s put it to you that way. I don’t think books are going to matter too much under the emerging progressive fascist dictatorship. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t have book burnings, but we’ll have book bannings, see? Like they want to ban Breitbart, why not ban a certain book that they believe to be not in the best public interest. Wouldn’t that be a progressive value? Isn’t that the way it’s done in North Korea?” he warned.

“And while we’re at it, why not make it really progressive and eliminate the secret ballot?” Savage suggested sarcastically. “That way, people might actually vote the way they believe they should vote, instead of the way they’re expected to vote, for a union or anywhere else. So have a non-secret ballot, where you have to prove who you voted for. That way, you’ll have 100% voter turnout and 100% votes for progressives. Isn’t that a progressive value, Alex? Isn’t that where they’re taking us?”

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