Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Michael Williams: Defunding Sanctuary Cities Doesn’t Solve Illegal Immigrant Problem, ‘We Have to Be Proactive in Getting Them Out’

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Bob Andres/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

Georgia State Senator Michael Williams, running for governor in the Peach State, laid out his plan to tackle illegal immigration on Breitbart News Saturday with Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle and Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

The core of Williams plan is a little known federal program, already used by Prince William County, Virginia, Supervisor and U.S. Senate Candidate Corey Stewart. “There is a federal program called the 287(g) program. … The deputies in [compliant] counties—the sheriff’s deputies—can become deputized as acting ICE agents,” Williams explained, continuing:

We have 159 counties in Georgia. Imagine if all these counties had their own acting ICE agents. So as soon as we identify who these illegal immigrants are, primarily because they have broken yet another [criminal law], we can begin the deportation program or process to get them out of our state and out of our country immediately. We don’t have to wait for anything.

“I’m convinced and I know if we can implement that across the state of Georgia, that we will help to protect Georgians—especially [from] those who are out there committing yet another crime,” Williams told Boyle and House. “That will get out and people that are in this country illegally, illegal aliens, they will not want to come to Georgia. … We’re sending a message: don’t come to Georgia if you’re not [here] legally.”

Williams was critical of his oppenents in the race of Georgia governor. He explained, “All the candidates have been talking about how all they’re going to do is defund sanctuary cities” and noted one other candidate’s plan for a new illegal alien database. “That doesn’t solve the problem. We have to be proactive in getting them out,” he argued.

Williams also claimed he was among President Donald Trump’s first elected supporters. “I was the first elected official in Georgia—back in September of 2015—to come out and endorse Donald Trump for president,” he told Boyle and House. “I got lit up. People could not believe I was coming out and supporting [him].”

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