Exclusive – Michelle Malkin: No ‘Difference, in the End,’ Between Bill Kristol and Keith Olbermann

Collage of Bill Kristol and Keith Olbermann

Conservative Review’s Michelle Malkin described “Never Trumpers on the right” as “deranged” during a Friday interview with SiriusXM host Rebecca Mansour and Breitbart News Tonight special guest host Sam Sorbo. Malkin also equated the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol with ESPN’s Keith Olbermann.

Malkin highlighted Kristol as illustrative of political pretentiousness among ostensibly conservative Never Trump news media and political figures.


A regular guest on CNN and MSNBC, Kristol markets himself as a “conservative.” In 2017, he said Fox News Channel “[had] gone down a ridiculous path.” He worked as a contributor for Fox News for ten years, leaving in late 2013.

Malkin characterized Kristol as belonging to a cadre of “obstinate” and “unrepentant” Never Trumpers. “I look at Bill Kristol, and I’m like, ‘You and Keith Olbermann, what difference, in the end, does it make?’” asked Malkin. “What planet do you people live on? I don’t know who’s more deranged — the Never Trumpers on the right or on the left.”

Malkin said President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter — which she jokingly dubbed “jiu-twitsu” — directly communicates with the American people by breaking through news media filters. Trump can “ignore not just the usual suspects on the left, but all of the chin-pullers and navel-gazers in the obstinate Never Trump right that are so concerned about every last tweet,” she said.

Malkin mocked criticisms of Trump’s approach toward North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un from ostensibly right-wing news media figures, describing them as obstinate.

“[Never Trumpers] are the people [who] won’t even delete and cover their tracks because they are so deluded in thinking that they’re right. Remember when Trump tweeted about whose button is bigger? ‘Oh, this is a disaster! The apocalypse!’ and then straining with Herculean effort to ignore the fact that all of his calling out of Kim Jong-un has led to this historic moment this week. No eating crow from these people; they’re just doubling down.”

While Malkin did not support Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, she did support his campaign against the Democrats’ nominee. “It wasn’t my first choice, but there was no way in hell that I was going to do anything in my power to enable or allow Hillary Clinton and her entire crooked cabal to get back in office,” she said.

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