Trumpocrat Billy Bova: ‘Lunchbox Joe Biden’ Is a ‘Facade’ Pushed by ‘Democrat Establishment’

Lunchbox Joe Biden

Billy Bova told Breitbart News that characterizations of former Vice President Joe Biden as a working class and blue-collar champion — dubbed “Lunchbox Joe” by left-wing and partisan Democrat news media — are a “facade” that will fail to convince average Americans, offering his analysis in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Saturday with host Matt Boyle.

“I think that there’s a facade there [in] Lunchpail Joe from Scranton, blue-collar Joe,” said Bova. “The Democrats [and] Democrat establishment — the Wall Street, the corporatists, the Hollywood elite, the Silicon Valley elites — are trying to get a candidate — and maybe they see Joe Biden as that candidate — who can walk the streets of small towns in Pennsylvania and Ohio and Michigan and Wisconsin and Kentucky and West Virginia and carry a black lunchpail and identify with the average working class — fighting their way into the middle class — voters’ hearts. I think they see that in Joe Biden.”


Descriptions of Biden as somehow appealing to “blue-collar” and “working class” voters are at odds with Biden’s subscription to “globalist ideology” which pursues erosion of American national sovereignty and identity in pursuit of increasingly concentrated international political power and governance, assessed Bova.

Bova stated, “The reason I say it’s a facade to a degree is the fact that Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president for 8 years. Elizabeth Warren — bless her heart — is already pointing out that he was on the side of big banks, and Wall Street, and the corporate lobbyists against average working class consumers with the credit card bill awhile back. Biden was bought into a globalist ideology in being with Obama for eight years, and prior to that, [believing] that the United States is just another small piece of the global economic cultural world puzzle.”

Bova continued, “I don’t think this those voters in those cities and town are necessarily going to buy into that. They’re kitchen table voters, pocketbook voters, economic populist voters. They buy into Donald Trump because he said, ‘America first. We’re going to get rid of NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA. We’re going to get the EU and the biggest enchilada of all, China, we’re going to level the playing field with them economically and trade-wise.”

“Our exports are increasing every month,” noted Bova. “The trade deficit is coming down with these other nations. … That means jobs for Americans and American business, industry, and plants and factories. It means better wages and wage increases for the workers and the employees. It means there’s more in their pocketbooks [and] bank accounts. They feel more better and more secure about themselves, their children’s futures, and their economic well-being. They’re feeling pretty good about that right now with Donald Trump being a fighter, who they think is a fighter on their side, and it’s playing out.”

Boyle highlighted Biden’s decision to officially launch his 2020 presidential bid under the aegis of the CNN-pushed Charlottesville “very fine people” hoax narrative.

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