Luke Letlow: Louisiana Helps Protect America from ‘Radical Socialists’

Luke Letlow
Luke Letlow for Congress

Luke Letlow, Rep. Ralph Abraham’s (R-LA) chief of staff, told Breitbart News Saturday that Louisiana’s fifth congressional district helps protect the country from the rising radical socialists.

Letlow hopes to replace Abraham, who announced in February that he would retire at the end of his term. Abraham led a failed bid to unseat Louisiana Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Letlow, a ninth-generation Louisianan from Richland Parish, Louisiana, has worked with Abraham for years. Abraham has endorsed Letlow’s bid for Congress.

“I’ve been with Congressman Abraham since the day he decided to run for congress,” Letlow told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle.

Letlow worked with Abraham to help secure many conservative victories for Louisianans.

Abraham and Letlow managed to secure $1 million in grants in 2018 to help expand telemedicine in 15 rural Louisiana parishes. Telehealth has served as a crucial technology to expand Americans’ access to health care, while preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

Abraham and Letlow also worked on a resolution to expel House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Letlow told Breitbart News Saturday that Louisiana’s fifth congressional district serves as one of the many bulwarks against the rising tide of socialism across the country.

“I’m used to fighting the swamp down here in Louisiana. We got our own. We keep the gators in the swamp and don’t let them get out,” Letlow said.

Letlow said that the Washington, DC, swamp “has a lost touch with the American people.”

“But this kind of district is the line that protects the country from radical socialists. I mean these districts, the flyover districts, if you will, whatever you want to call us, we are the America that is protecting the future from going to the extreme left,” Letlow told Breitbart News Saturday.

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