Exclusive — Sam Brownback: ‘This Is the Most Persecuted Era of Christianity in the History of Mankind’

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback delivers his State of the State address to a joint session of the legislature in Topeka, Kan., Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016.
AP Photo/Orlin Wagner

“This is the most persecuted era of Christianity in the history of mankind,” Sam Brownback, former governor of Kansas, former U.S. senator from Kansas, and former United States ambassador at large for religious freedom, said on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with special guest host Jerome Hudson.

The State Department published its annual report on religious freedom Wednesday.

“This is the gold standard report on religious persecution around the world,” Brownback remarked. “Now you’ve got the document that will guide much of the policy activity this year for not only for this country, but for most of the free world. So, China’s in the sights, now.”

Brownback said, “You’ve seen changes in countries like Sudan and Uzbekistan — and some of the Central Asian countries — moving towards religious freedom, recognizing this basic human right, and Sudan did away with an apostasy law. They’re the first country in the world I’ve seen do that.”

“Uzbekistan let several thousand people out of jail who were in jail simply for peacefully practicing their faith, and is really moving forward,” he added.


Brownback emphasized China’s oppression of religious practice as determined by the State Department’s report.

He remarked, “The report really documents the China’s war on all faiths. It’s a communist regime. The communists are atheists. They have trouble with any sort of allegiance to a higher moral authority — to God — and they are going at it — hammer and tongs — on everybody, whether that it’s the Tibetan Buddhists, the House Church Christians, the underground Catholic Church,  Falun Gong, [and] Uyghurs.”

China is pioneering the use of modern technology as a weapons of political oppression, Brownback noted.

“They are going and they’re shutting down Hong Kong,” he continued. “This is an authoritarian regime that is really authoritarian in a nasty way, and now they’re using a lot more technology with it; So, they’re exploring the future of oppression using technology.”

China and the U.S. are in an ideological struggle which will define the future global order, Brownback determined. “This is a confrontation of ideologies that that we are going to win, and [China’s] ideology that they’re putting forward is an equal competitor to our open democratic system,” he stated. Brownback noted that beyond China’s oppression of Christians’ religious practice, Islamists also persecute Christians in Africa.

“Most people in the world live and a [country with] religious persecution, where there’s a significant persecution, often people killed for their faith,” he concluded. “You had the recent genocide in northern Iraq of Yezidis and Christians in the historic motherland — or the area, anyway — of where Christianity came from.” 

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