Exclusive — Jack Posobiec: Disney Willing to Lose Money on ‘Lightyear’ as ‘Investment into Shifting the Culture’

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImageDisney
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImageDisney

Jack Posobiec, senior editor at Human Events, told Breitbart News on Tuesday that entertainment companies like Disney are willing to lose money on projects like Lightyear in order to advance leftist politics in American culture and beyond.

Posobiec noted how the Federal Reserve’s increasing use of left-wing criteria in its lending selections — billed ESG, an acronym for “environmental, social, and governance” — benefit politically aligned companies and institutions.

“The Fed has been operating as a printing press since really the onset of the pandemic,” Posobiec said on the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow. “The trillions of dollars that have injected into the money market, people forget, those are filtered through the ESG corporate social credit score system. ESG operates as the sort of how-woke-are-you, how-green-are-you kind of ranking that’s almost completely arbitrary. It’s controlled by groups like BlackRock and Blackstone and State Street and vanguard [which are] the enforcement mechanisms of it.”

He continued, “So the Fed gives the money, lends the money to these large money market firms. And then, they divvy it up based on how woke everybody is because you have all these sort of like liberal boomers who realize that they’ve made all this money and then [say], ‘I want to do good, how do I do I reward my friends with all of this?'”

Disney views a financial loss on Lightyear as an investment in changing political culture, Posobiec determined.

“So they look at these as investments into shifting the culture forward in their direction, and that’s why they push things like this,” he said.

Lightyear reportedly cost $200 million to make, which does not include promotional expenditures. Screen Rant explained, “The general rule of thumb is a movie has to earn double its production budget in order to break even. By that metric, Lightyear needs $400 million globally to recoup its costs.”

Lightyear has thus far yielded under $91 million in ticket sales.


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